Sunday, November 15, 2009

Burp Cloths

I have several friends who are pregnant right now and I wanted to make something to go with my shower gifts. My knitting skills are about 15 years rusty, I don't really paint, I have a sewing machine but I'm not really sure how to use it... so I wasn't sure what to try.
After thinking about this for a while I decided to make some burp cloths. I have a friend who got some really cute ones at a shower a while ago. I read about it online and it sounded really easy so I gave it a try this weekend as I have a baby shower to go to next weekend.

From my research online, it is best to use Gerber cloth diapers that are the prefold type. You need to wash them first in hot water and dry them so they will shrink up before you sew them.
Then pick out a variety of ribbons, fabric, ric rac. etc to sew on.

My mom made this first one to show me how to use the machine. For this one we sewed ribbons long way on the diaper with a thicker ribbon along the bottom.

To put the ribbon on the bottom secure with pins and sew across.

The first two finished

I was pretty happy with them for my first try. I am going to get initials monogrammed on them also. I think girl colors will be cuter, so I am excited to try those.


  1. good job! super cute!

  2. You did a great job! I would have paid you to make some girly ones a year ago! But now I don't need them for her anymore! :( They grow SO fast!