Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The weather was super nice on Sunday so we went out to soak up as much of it as we could, and get out of the house before we all went crazy. :) We took the trail in our neighborhood and headed to the pond with some bread to feed the ducks, and then to the park. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

9 Months

(Uncle David says you are contemplating traveling the world in this one!)

Nine months has crawled and flown by!! It's hard to believe Benjamin that you are already 9 months old! What a sweet little man you are! At your 9 month appointment you were 20lbs 11 ounces, and 29 inches long.  You are rolling anywhere you want to go, have crawled backward a short ways, and are trying to get on your knees to go forward. You can inch worm yourself forward when you try really hard. I think by next month you will have it figured out! You are loving pureed butternut squash and anything with pears these days. You also like prunes and carrots. I've tried a few soft solid things but you choked each time. Today the Dr. said to keep trying those and you'll figure it out. Daddy says you say "Mama", and you do a lot, but I'm not convinced yet it is in reference to me. You babble lots of other things too. Another big thing this month was that your bottom teeth cut through finally!! I've put my finger in there a couple times and they are sharp! You laugh a lot. And you love taking baths and splashing in the water.

And this is how our monthly photos have ended the last few months...I can't get you to stop trying to eat the we call it good! :)
You are such a joy baby boy! 
Love you! Mama

Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 19-26 photo-a-day

 January 19th: Daddy's home from his trip!! He builds the best blanket forts!

January 20th: Slow holiday morning= family breakfast. Coffee and pumpkin chocolate chip waffles.

January 21st: After nap treat.

January 22nd: Laundry, laundry everywhere!

January 23rd: Ho!Ho!Ho! (Driving her sleigh)

January 24th: Routines 

January 25th:  Date night!! (And randomly our 12 year engagement anniversary!)

January 26th: Park time! Gorgeous weather day in January!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

365 days of photos

A friend asked me to do a 365 photo project with her for this year. So far its been fun and challenging. My overall goal with it is to capture photographs that are storytelling of our life. At the end of the year I'll get a book made with all of the pictures. Then there are different areas of photography I want to improve on: natural light, indoor light, back lighting, clearer motion pictures and so on. So here's the last 18 days...
January 1st- Taking down the Christmas tree and decorations 

January 2nd- Afternoon tea

January 3rd: Bedtime bible story

January 4th: Practicing back lighting with golden hour light.

 January 5th: Sick day

January 6th: Bubble bath

January 7th: Another day at home in pajamas.

January 8th:  My dinner prep "helper"

January 9th: Waking up happy

January 10th: Bedtime smiles

January 11th: Popcorn and movie night. And kleenex. Our constant companion so far this January.

January 12th:  Afternoon at the park

January 13th: Dancing. (This would be the part where I need to practice getting clearer motion pictures.)

January 14th: A month until Valentine's Day. Time to decorate!

14: Benny's first time to "play" at the mall playground.

January 15th: Rainbows

January 16th: Chalk art

January 17th: Ice cream and a movie with Mimi while Daddy is gone on a trip.

 January 18th: Sleep. This one didn't turn out how I'd planned. I'll have to try again.