Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I've had a few different blog posts I wanted to do this week, but when I went to write one a few days ago I got an error from blogger saying I had reached my limit for posting pictures. You can pay to get more space to post pictures or join a service that I'm not going to join... :/  So I'm looking in to what my options are to avoid paying anything or what else I might want to do with my blog.

Mixing up our pie filling

We had a wonderful thanksgiving! Michael was off work for a few days and we were able to spend time with both of our families over the past several days. My heart has been full so many times this year and I feel so grateful for the many blessings in my life.
We began celebrating the holiday season this weekend with some fun things and also got our home all ready for the holidays. Everything is truly more magical with Isabella and seeing the world through her eyes.
We have an ultrasound Wednesday and hope to find out if our sweet baby is a boy or girl. Hopefully it is more cooperative than Isabella was!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Instragram Update

Here are some pictures from my Instagram feed from the past two months, but mostly this week. 

Headed out to dinner with my mom and sister.
My first OU game in 2 years. Michael said he wouldn't smile as we just lost.
Making bird seed feeders to hang in our trees
At the Thunder game last Sunday
We had a lot of fun!
Playing this week. Isabella asked for a hat, and said "Bye Mommy! I'm going to the beach!"
Watching a squirrel finish off my sandwich at our picnic at the zoo this week. She talked about it the rest of the day.
Out to dinner. Also was our 14 year dating anniversary. We enjoyed a much needed couple of hours to have a conversation without interuptions and hang out.
Then we met up with my sister and her husband for dessert. Great date night!
We put up Isabella's tree on Saturday. We will wait until the day after Thanksgiving to do our other decorating...but I was excited to put up her tree. She is loving seeing the few houses in our neighborhood that have their lights on already. I am looking forward to experiencing the magic of the Christmas season with a two year old this year and Michael and I have been discussing what is going to be on our list of fun things to do this holiday season. (I do love Thanksgiving too, no to overlook it, and I'm looking forward to soaking in all of that holiday this week as well!)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We had a playgroup at church last week, and a girl from Tippy Toes Dance came to do a class. Isabella had a great time.
She tried doing a few of the dance moves.

But quickly decided it would be more fun to just spin around in circles until she fell down. It was hilarious and I loved watching her have fun.

Waiting to receive her sticker at the end.

Here are a couple quick videos- sure to bring a smile! 

Friday, November 09, 2012

I was at the grocery store at the beginning of this week and saw a bag of mini pumpkins marked down to $1. I didn't get my glitter pumpkins made last year, as I usually do, so I decided to make it happen. I was feeling really good at the beginning of the week- almost normal- so I was happy to do some things this week I had been wanting to do.
Last year I had seen a thankful tree on a blog I read, but never got around to making it. So when she posted the free printables again this week, I decided this was the year to start a new tradition.

I don't love how my branches turned out- but I decided it was good enough. We've been writing down something we are thankful when we are at the table together. I'm looking forward to this new tradition to document the things we were grateful for each year during the thanksgiving season and help foster thankfulness with our children.

I also felt up to making bread after a 3 month hiatus and cooked a few meals this week. It was big time!
My bread making helper.

I've had some not as good days toward the end of the week, but enjoyed a burst of feeling better. Hopefully that means my morning sickness is almost over. (And really? Morning sickness? Its more like random sickness in the middle of the night, afternoon sickness, evening sickness, whenever-it-wants-to-sickness.) I've got some house projects that need to be tackled...hopefully soon!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012


This weekend was homecoming at Michael's work and also our university. My parents had received an award Friday night, and they were in the homecoming "parade" on Saturday. They were asked to have any grandchildren attend them, so Isabella and my nephews rode with them. I couldn't tell what she was thinking the first time I saw her, but the next time she was smiling.

Jumping in the jump house

Our little eagle
Out for cupcakes Saturday night. They were playing around, Michael doesn't get that excited about cupcakes. ;)

Sunday afternoon walk
Swinging at the neighborhood park 

November is in full swing!

Thursday, November 01, 2012


We had some errands to run today over by our old house so we also went to the library over there and our favorite park.

We had a picnic and then played in the sunshine. It was a great day with a high in the upper 70's. My midwife said from my blood work, I needed a little more vitamin D. I keep forgetting to pick it up when I'm at the store, so what is better than the natural way?

There are lots of great things about our new house, but I miss the old one sometimes, and more than anything the area we lived in. Maybe I still don't feel settled here because I haven't felt completely well or like myself since we moved to this house.
I'm 15 weeks is the size of an apple, can sense light, and is forming taste buds. We have an ultrasound scheduled for November 28th and hopefully we will find out if we are having a boy or girl!