Sunday, March 29, 2009

A few March highlights...

I spent a weekend in Dallas with my mom and sister. On the way home we ate at Victoria's pasta shop in Norman. It is SO good!! They make all of their pasta from scratch.

My nephews spent the night with us one weekend. We had lots of fun. This is Isaac playing at the Full Circle Book Store. They have a children's book reading every Saturday morning at 10:15. The lady that read the books did a great job keeping the kids interested, it was really fun.

Our niece Ryan turned 8!

We went to OC's associate dinner. Michael got to pick up Archie Manning from the airport and transport him around. Heather came with me, which I was very grateful for!

This past weekend- when we were supposed to have a foot of snow- we went to try out the new Chipotle. It was alright, but I would rather go to Moe's for that kind of food. After dinner we went to see the movie Slum Dog Millionaire- finally to see what all of the hype was about. It had some pretty sad parts, but it was good. I can't believe it will be April this week!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not enough time?

We are reading a book on prayer with our small group at church. Here is a quote from the book I have thought a lot about: "Increasingly, time pressures crowd out the leisurely pace that prayer seems to require. Communication with other people keeps getting shorter and more cryptic: text messages, email, instant messaging. We have less and less time for conversation, let alone contemplation. We have the constant sensation of not enough: not enough time, not enough rest, not enough exercise, not enough leisure. Where does God fit into a schedule that already seems behind schedule?"

I really identified with that, and often feel like life is so busy and there is just "not enough time" to get everything done. So that question at the end kind of haunts me. I have been thinking about and want to take action in how I can prioritize what is really important and daily make time for my relationship with God.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Does it get any better than this?



Sprinkles cupcakes...

...And a great weekend with my mom and sister!

Heather and me at North Park mall having crepes for dinner.
We spent the weekend in Dallas and shopped at North Park Mall, the Allen outlet mall, had pedicures, ate yummy food, saw the movie Bride Wars, laughed, and had fun. Things have been pretty busy and stressful lately, and it was just the weekend I needed!