Thursday, May 31, 2012


I've experienced Michael's affinity for feeding, chasing, or holding birds in many situations, at the beach, the lake, parks, St. Mark's Square in Venice, and even watching The Big Year. But Isabella had not experienced this until this week.
 She was very unsure when dad started throwing out a few fritos and birds started flocking.
I can't blame her...seagulls can be a little aggressive and freaky with their squawking!

But after a while she got used to the flock of birds and enjoyed herself! Lots of new experiences this week!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

On an island in the sun...

Isabella is asleep, my family is watching the Thunder game, and I'm culling through and editing a few pics before reading my current book. Here are a few favorites from Isabella's first beach adventure yesterday: 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sunny days are here

 These days Isabella vacillates between wanting help and needing reassurance and doing some things herself. For instance, if a loud motorcycle or truck goes by immediately her arms go up and she starts saying 'hold you, hold you'.  And at the park she typically wants to hold my hand while she is going down the slide. This morning at the park she held my hand the first time and then went on her own the second time. She flew off the bottom and crashed, but I could tell she was proud. I know the balance will keep shifting to wanting less and less help, so I try to enjoy the little ways she needs me now.

In the morning we leave on my family's annual beach trip. I've been doing a little each day to prepare to go, which is against my usual crazy-at-the-last-minute-style (not that there won't be any crazy at the last minute...let's be honest here).
Swimming and popsicles one day this week 
I've got a stack of books to read and I'm looking forward to that first breath of ocean air, family time, playing at the beach, having a pool in the backyard, fresh seafood, and being away for the week.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

20 Months

My girl is 20 months old today! The last several days I have seen glimpses in her expressions looking more and more little girlish and less baby/toddlerish. While I am enjoying this stage very much, this past month has also been the most trying behavior-wise. I know this is just the beginning of that journey, and some day when she is 14 I'll wish for the days when she was 20 months and the battles were about the things they are now. But as for today, it is all I know, and it has been difficult at times.

 In the last month she has been saying new words and phrases, "whatcha doing?", "Seeyalater", "havegoodday", and "I'm sorry" are a few that come to mind. She is constantly moving and most often talking, singing, or babbling. This month she has been very interested when I'm cooking and has been helping me with some easy parts of mixing or making things.
She has started saying bed sometimes when she is ready to get in bed. She can take her shoes off and now put them on by herself. She has been playing or coloring independently for longer periods of time (10 minutes max). She has learned the colors blue, red, pink, yellow, and purple.  She seems to grasp better who some people are and has been saying and remembering more names.
 She loves sweets, just like her Mama, but is pretty good still about eating a variety of foods. She still loves looking at books and being read to. Although, we have done this many times, the last time we returned books to the library she became very upset and screamed Books! Books! as they disappeared down the return chute. I left the library grappling a screaming, upset child.

Happy 20 months Isabella! I'm ready to journey through the ups and downs of this next year and all of the changes and growth we will both experience!

 *For comparison here she is a exactly a year ago at 8 months! 

So much has changed in a year's time!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Today we: -walked to the grocery store by our house for a couple of things. 
 -Wore matching shoes (from different places, but pretty much identical!)
 -Folded laundry
 -Made sandwich bread
 -Met a friend for lunch at Kaiser's
 -We ate outside, it was a gorgeous day!
-We played outside
-Read books
-I cut 4 inches off my hair

There were a few other things in between, but that was pretty much our Tuesday!

Friday, May 18, 2012


I'm linking up for InstaFriday for a look at our week! If you follow me on instagram...this is old news...
My little bandito on Mother's Day
 I found a list of books about the beach and ocean and we checked those out this week to prepare for our beach trip.
Nana stopped by with a treat for us one afternoon.
 Cooking dinner with my sous chef...until we got an invite out to dinner with our parents and put dinner on hold for another night.
 Playing at the park 
Seeing Daddy off to the Thunder game. Go Thunder!
 Twilight ice cream date
 Playing in the water and sand before bed
 She kept asking for more and more bracelets until she had one every one of hers I could find.
Playing at the park on Friday
Friday night family date night

Happy Weekend!

life rearranged

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thankful Thursday

We headed downtown to the myriad gardens to play this afternoon. Unfortunately the splash pad was not on, but we had fun anyway.  
I love how her tongue is out in concentration...perhaps she is trying to not let her baby fall out that is haphazardly thrown in her stroller. 
Checking out the massive fish. 

 Stopping for a muffin break (Thanks for my new dress Mimi!)

This week I've been thankful for:
*Sunsets over the lake
*The library
*Our home
*Caramel lattes
*Nap time
*New words
*My sister
*ice cream dates 
*Isabella's relationship with her Grandparents

It is hard to believe another week has gone by and we are on the brink of the weekend!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy mother's day

Ring around the rosie

Happy Mother's Day to my Mama, who spoiled me this mother's day, to my mother and grandmother's I've gained through Michael, and to my dear Mama friends! I feel so blessed to have a community of women to learn and grow from and lean on. And for my friends praying and waiting to become Mother's...I am praying fervently alongside you. Thanks to Michael for making me feel special not just today, but many days! And to Isabella...even with the ups and downs of mothering, my most happy and content days have come since becoming your mother (cue the music academy awards style to wrap it up!).