Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sunny days are here

 These days Isabella vacillates between wanting help and needing reassurance and doing some things herself. For instance, if a loud motorcycle or truck goes by immediately her arms go up and she starts saying 'hold you, hold you'.  And at the park she typically wants to hold my hand while she is going down the slide. This morning at the park she held my hand the first time and then went on her own the second time. She flew off the bottom and crashed, but I could tell she was proud. I know the balance will keep shifting to wanting less and less help, so I try to enjoy the little ways she needs me now.

In the morning we leave on my family's annual beach trip. I've been doing a little each day to prepare to go, which is against my usual crazy-at-the-last-minute-style (not that there won't be any crazy at the last minute...let's be honest here).
Swimming and popsicles one day this week 
I've got a stack of books to read and I'm looking forward to that first breath of ocean air, family time, playing at the beach, having a pool in the backyard, fresh seafood, and being away for the week.

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