Thursday, June 27, 2013

2 Months

A few pictures from the last month that weren't in other posts:

Having sweet dreams 

Little buddies

 "Dude, your hair is awesome! I just want to touch it!"

First wedding


2 Month Pics:

Benjamin grew a lot over the last month! At his well child check he was 12lbs 9.5 oz and 24.5 inches. He is already outgrown several outfits and gone up a diaper size. This month went by fast and has been somewhat of an easier month than the first. Benjamin continues to sleep well, for a newborn, and be pretty easy going. We've had a few rough patches when he has had a fussy/screaming inconsolably time in the evening, but that has been better. (Fingers crossed) He has been a lot more smiley the past few weeks and been "talking" more with his baby coos and noises.

Sweet baby
(Photo bombed by dad at his 2 month well child check up)

Thursday, June 20, 2013


This past weekend was not an easy one on our parenting journey. There were several discussions about: What should we be doing? What is going wrong in this situation? Topped with not sleeping through the night in months now- it can all be a bit exhausting at times. I want to speak to my children with tones and words that I am OK with them using back with me, and model to them how to behave when angry or frustrated. But its impossible to do it perfectly 100% of the time, and sometimes after what feels like constant behavior battles or the millionth question my spirit feels so worn down and don't respond how I would ideally like to.  Parenting continues to show me ways I need to be refined and grow. As I was looking back through photos over the weekend, I was glad to see the joyful moments captured. I love photographs and seeing my babies' sweet souls, as when things are hard it can be easy to just remember the difficult parts and overlook the joys. 

We went to the twilight concert series father's day evening.
Isabella loves to dance and sing, she has such a joyful spirit.

Fun with Daddy.
I love seeing the ways her personality has pieces of his, mine, and her own all at the same time. 

Playing with Aunt Flower.
My sister is such a fun, awesome Aunt.

It's great to be out in our city. Isabella loves the old song 'Downtown' and can sing most of the words.

I got some sweet pictures of my dad and Benjamin.

He became smiley at times over the past week and that has been really fun.

I'm praying for grace and patience for each member of our family. We could all use some. :) 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day

We took some family pictures while we were all together this past Sunday for Father's day.

Four generations of Mitchell men (even Benjamin smiled for the picture!)

Isabella loves her Cappy! 

I will always be thankful for Michael's family that have shaped and influenced him to be the man and father that he is today. Who knew all those years back in high school that that cute, tall football player and I would now be married with two babies! He has strengths as a parent that I lack, is a fun and attentive father, and I'm glad to be on this parenting journey together.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Zoo day

We went to the zoo today. The weather was perfect for June, not sweltering hot at all! We went with my mom and nephews. I am not brave enough to go on my own yet with both of the kids yet. Although, Benjamin just slept the entire time.

They all loved feeding the giraffes! Their tongues are crazy long!

There is a new little kids playground that was finally open after months of being worked on.

Her "cheeeeeze" face.

 We had a great time!

Monday, June 03, 2013

beach week

 We have returned from our annual South Padre trip with my family. It was our 9th year to go. We flew this year instead of driving with our newborn and toddler. The kids did great on the flights and traveled well! 

Home for the week. 

 Sunday lunch at Pirate's Landing.

One of my favorite things was seeing my family love on my kids and help take care of them. Playing at the beach and pool, reading books and telling stories, tiny baby snuggles, singing lullabys...and Isabella loved seeing her cousins every day. She woke up saying: I go see my cousins?

David  brought sand castle tools this year, and after some youtube videos and practice made some pretty impressive sand art.

 The week flew by to me, faster than in past years.
It was different having a tiny baby and a toddler this year. It didn't fully feel like a vacation, but I got to take a long nap most days, do some reading, enjoy the water, and had a lunch date with Michael- and at this stage those are all wins in my book!

Isaac boogie boarding.

Sand castles with uncle luke.

At the sea turtle rescue center

She liked the pool better than the beach this year.

Sunset walk with Michael our last night.

There were a few things we didn't do we normally do, and we didn't spend near as much time down at the beach, but it was a good week. I can't believe it is June already and our Padre trip is in the books!