Saturday, July 05, 2008

4th of July

We had a great Fourth of July. We cooked out and swam at Michael's grandparent's house in Norman with friends and family during the day.

Boys grilling the food

Hanging out in the pool

Cute George who is just growing up so much

My sister told us about blackberry sprites, we tried one and they were DELICIOUS!!

In the evening we went to Yukon for their fireworks and the OKC Philharmonic,

I look awkward in this picture because I had just stood in line for 30 minutes for that uncle sam snow cone. The lines were crazy, Heather stood in the funnel cake line and it was just as long.

My friend Michelle was also there with her family

The girls before the fireworks

Michael and I



The pretty lights before the most terrifying fireworks show OF.MY.LIFE.
more to come later...

#6 Go to the lake with friends

We always have such fun going to the lake with Michael's family. We wanted to share the fun with friends sometime this summer. Here are just a few pictures from our fun time at Lake Murray.

Heather and I about to take off on "Big Mable"

Flying on big mable

Michael and Leo on Big Mable. They were a lot more adventurous than we were!

Swimming off the boat. See how you can see out legs in the water, instead of brown murky water! I love Lake Murray.

Ryan and Leo double skiing

We decided to go in when Michael checked the weather online and it said "those on area lakes should evacuate now..."
We had a great day!
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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

#1 Go to the omniplex

#1 on the list is going to the omniplex. I have wanted to go to the Omniplex for a while. We went a few weeks ago when we had the boys. Or we went to the "omelet" as George called it.

Inside the hall of mirrors

George and Michael on the see-saw

Isaac checking out a plane

George in a cockpit

Michael said they had most of the same exhibits there they had when he was a kid. I'm glad I had free passes from work because I was a little disappointed by the whole place. But the boys had fun and we got to do something else from our "Summer of Fun List". I can't believe it is July already! Enjoy summer while it lasts!