Thursday, January 29, 2015

21 Months

21 months of Benjamin Gray!
 He had a little spill flying off of a slide face first at the playground this day. He had a few wood chips that were stuck in his cheek and lip I had to extract. :( So his cheek and eyelid were a little red when he woke up from nap. 

 21 months has brought several new words...I haven't been good about keeping track of them all so I don't have all of them. But some are: Mimi, Oh no!, brown bear, bath, hat, 'excuse you', and 'all aboard'. He has had a virus this month and been cutting 3 canine teeth, so there have been several rough days and many rough nights. He still loves his blue blanket, playing trains, baths, and playing outside. He's a little better about not climbing on things he isn't suppose to, but I'll still catch him sometimes. He still puts lots of strange non-food things in his mouth to eat or chew on. I keep thinking he will outgrow that stage and then it happens again. Dog food, rocks, grass, chalk...ugh. His favorite books are still Brown Bear, brown bear, and Little Blue Truck.


He was a little hesitant the next day we went to the park after his fall, but then went back after it again.

Love you so much sweet boy!! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


January 19th: Skipped

 January 20th: "Gimme all the pacis!"

January 21st: Watching the birds at our feeder in the backyard.

 January 22nd: Reading at the library

January 23rd: Playing dress up

January 24th: Baby Haven

January 25th: Routines.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Week 3

 January 12th: Watching for dad to come home from work out the front window.

 January 13th: I was chasing after them at the park when I noticed this. The temps were in the 30's, their little noses and cheeks were pink, but they loved running and playing outside.

 January 14th: We go through lots of apples a week from this store.

 January 15th: Playing at the park

 January 16th: Benjamin and the ducks

 January 17th: At the park for cousins to play. My nephew James on a water break.

January 18th: Michael came home from his work trip and was going to put Benjamin down for a nap. And then I found them both asleep. :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I've been trying to get us outside a little more lately, even when its been colder than we like. Its so good for us all and they love playing outdoors.

She found a few of her baby headbands recently. And now she wants to wear one. All. the. time. And in the middle of her forehead like that. And lots of tutus and dressing up these days.

This past weekend, Benjamin and I had a weekend on our own while Michael and Isabella went on a work trip. Friday night we went to Hafer park to play and he noticed the duck pond. He was enthralled with the ducks. A few other moms that were there shared their bread with him and he loved feeding them and taking some bites for himself. We ended up staying til it got dark.

 He also braved climbing through a little tunnel and climbing up to go down a curly slide. He kept coming down and looking at me and saying More?!  Then running off and doing it again. :)

Saturday my brother invited us to meet him at the park. The cousins had fun playing and I enjoyed catching up with him. Isabella had a great time going with Michael on his work trip and swimming at the hotel and playing at the convention center.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Sea life aquarium

Michael had a work trip to Dallas last week, and we went down to visit him in the middle of the trip. We usually have suites when we stay in hotels and this time we did not. And Benjamin had a really hard time going to sleep and cried and cried and managed to propel himself out of the packnplay twice. Then he was up several times in the night and very early in the morning. Which meant we all were up several times in the night and very early. The pool was outside and Michael was pretty tied up with his work events, so we cut the trip a day short to come home where we could all sleep in our own rooms and hopefully get more rest.

But before coming home, the kids and I went to an aquarium at grapevine mills mall, and we had such a great time. It was perfect for younger kids with lots of things to see down on their level, caves for them to crawl in, and plastic "bubbles" inside some of the exhibits you could crawl underneath and then stand up and be looking in the tank from the middle. And they had a small play area the kids played at for a long time.

Checking out the Stingray tank. There was a place to go up stairs and look down in to the tank with a clear part you could stand on and see in the tank as well.

The tunnel in this room also had a glass floor you could see in.

They both touched the chocolate chip sea stars and shark eggs.

He loved this tide pool area where a wave came rushing out.

Standing inside one of the bubbles in a tank.

We ate lunch at the food court and the kids rode the carousel.  Isabella actually sat on a horse, not on a non-moving bench- which is a big deal for her. :)
We made a quick trip to ikea then headed back home. They both napped on the way home and traveled well. That night Benjamin slept from 8:15pm-8:30am after his wild night of antics in the hotel. It was a bit of a crazy trip, but it was still fun to get away, especially as it has been so terribly cold, it was nice to have a some indoor fun exploring a new place.

365 week 2

 January 5th: Playing at bedtime. I was adjusting my settings so I could get one in focus and the playing turned to tears. So just a blurry one. :)

 January 6th: Playing in the hotel closet. He went in and closed the doors and came out so proudly over and over again.

 January 7th: We had a blast at the Sea Life Aquarium

 January 8th: A little drama in the play room

January 9th: Family date out for dinner and then cupcakes and hanging out at the "fountain mall".

 January 10th: New year, new running shoes

January11th: The typical- "I forgot to take a picture" til it was late shot. I do like the storytelling of her sleep sheep, bedtime water, and her days are numbered in her toddler bed.

Monday, January 05, 2015

365 days of photos

I decided to try to tackle another 365 photo project again this year. Fully knowing that I'll have some holes throughout the year, but overall more captures of our life.

 January 1- Cheers, just after the new year. (I didn't decide to do the project for sure until the next day so had to use a picture I had on my phone for this day.)

 January 2nd- Dressed up in a church dress, wearing butterfly wings, inside a tub, telling me some very dramatic made up story with great emotion.

 January 3rd- We went out to S&B Burger joint for dinner and let her get a root beer. They didn't have it from the fountain, but had it in a bottle. And she thought she was Big.Stuff.! :)

January 4th- Trains. Every day. And those little hands. And messy post-nap hair. :) 

I'm going to try to post the previous week's pictures on Sundays. No promises. ;)