Thursday, February 26, 2015

Our every day

         Here are some random phone pics from the last month

 My three loves walking in to church
We had some random warm days and got to enjoy the zoo. 

Isabella got to go to the children's philharmonic series. She had a great time. The theme this time was Knights and Princesses.

Sick eyes


Playing with a new train track set on day 11 of someone being sick. 

Quarantine treats left on our doorstep for the kids and me. Thanks Beth!!! 

Chocolate chip granola bars. 

We finally were well enough and busted out of the house. Michael was gone on a work trip, so just the three of us out to dinner at Five Guys.

Valentine's Day

 We went out for sushi the night before Valentine's Day, thanks to Cappy who braved keeping our sick kids.

 We had heart pumpkin chocolate chip waffles for breakfast and made strawberry milk for the kids.

Izzy wanted to work on some cards after breakfast. And of course Benny wanted to join in. (This is typical these days when we are at home. Benjamin in pjs and Isabella in a dress, so she will be ready to go to the ball.)

For dinner we grilled steaks, and had bacon and mushroom risotto and brussels sprouts. The cooking on my part took WAY longer than anticipated, so we fed the kids earlier and then ate alone in the dining room together later. Michael has had to travel over valentine's day the last few years so it was nice to be together, even our with sick little ones.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


 Little guy, big cup

 February 9th: Benjamin would drink all of my coffee if I let him. :) I missed focus, but I loved his sweet face in this one.

 February 10th: Fever

February 11th: Not pictured....sick day again

 February 12: Still sick

February 13th: Still sick- look at those eyes...but up, dressed, and playing "Queen" with her wand and scepter.

February 14th: Making some valentine cards

February 15th: We all came in Benjamin's room after his nap and there was a lot of silliness going on that was making him laugh.

February 16th: His sweet clasped hands

February 18th: Working on letters

February 19th: Benjamin took over being sick so we were still home for sick days. We finally had the tea party she had wanted to have the previous week but had been too sick to stay up for it. She said- "Mom, let's have a tea party, and call each other Darh-ling like they do in the Fancy Nancy tea party book".

 February 20th: Little lion after bath time

February 21st: Veggie cups for Callie's shower

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Callie is one of my oldest childhood friends, and currently expecting a sweet baby boy. She is such a beautiful  Mama, and a kind and thoughtful friend. The weather couldn't have been more perfect this day! 75 degrees in February! :)

 She's stunning, right? :)

Can't wait to meet your little guy!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


February 3rd: Trampoline Hair!

 February 4th: Love her crazy morning hair and how she tucks her legs under her at breakfast.

 February 5th: Target...our 2nd home. Plus a popcorn treat.

 February 6th: Friday night family pizza night

February 8th: My beautiful childhood friend and her sweet baby boy.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Katie Maternity

I took some maternity pictures for my friend Katie a couple of weeks ago. I'm still so new at shooting people other than my family and I get pretty nervous. There are so many variables and unknowns of how the shots will turn out. But we ended up with some sweet ones to document this season and of their last weeks of a family of three.

First time to photograph a dog as well. Haha!

Excited to meet you sweet Haven Ruth!