Tuesday, February 24, 2015


 Little guy, big cup

 February 9th: Benjamin would drink all of my coffee if I let him. :) I missed focus, but I loved his sweet face in this one.

 February 10th: Fever

February 11th: Not pictured....sick day again

 February 12: Still sick

February 13th: Still sick- look at those eyes...but up, dressed, and playing "Queen" with her wand and scepter.

February 14th: Making some valentine cards

February 15th: We all came in Benjamin's room after his nap and there was a lot of silliness going on that was making him laugh.

February 16th: His sweet clasped hands

February 18th: Working on letters

February 19th: Benjamin took over being sick so we were still home for sick days. We finally had the tea party she had wanted to have the previous week but had been too sick to stay up for it. She said- "Mom, let's have a tea party, and call each other Darh-ling like they do in the Fancy Nancy tea party book".

 February 20th: Little lion after bath time

February 21st: Veggie cups for Callie's shower

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  1. It WII forever be known as the February of Sickness. But I love all the smiles you captured in between the feverish moments!