Thursday, February 26, 2015

Valentine's Day

 We went out for sushi the night before Valentine's Day, thanks to Cappy who braved keeping our sick kids.

 We had heart pumpkin chocolate chip waffles for breakfast and made strawberry milk for the kids.

Izzy wanted to work on some cards after breakfast. And of course Benny wanted to join in. (This is typical these days when we are at home. Benjamin in pjs and Isabella in a dress, so she will be ready to go to the ball.)

For dinner we grilled steaks, and had bacon and mushroom risotto and brussels sprouts. The cooking on my part took WAY longer than anticipated, so we fed the kids earlier and then ate alone in the dining room together later. Michael has had to travel over valentine's day the last few years so it was nice to be together, even our with sick little ones.

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