Sunday, April 12, 2015

Willis Family

I'm behind in posting lots of things, but I had this session last week the night before we went out of town. The session was for the baby's first birthday, but they also wanted some of all the kids. The kids were awesome and I had a great time. It was cloudy when we first started but then the stars aligned and there was some golden light. Happy birthday Aleigha!

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Grief has a way of popping up and reminding you that its there sometimes when you aren't thinking of it. Waves of grief can come on anniversary days, birthdays, or be constant during painful times. And other times it pops up randomly, reminding you that part of your heart feels broken over that person or event that happened. Today I was making bread and setting it out to rise. And that made me think about Jesus and how for the last couple weeks we've been talking a lot about Jesus raising from the dead, and how grateful I am for that sacrifice and gift.
 And as I was thinking about death and resurrection, overwhelming sadness for the death of Valencia came over me. I've cried on and off the last couple of weeks. But not like this. I'm grateful that her pain and suffering has ended. And she now walks in the comfort of our sweet risen Savior. I am grateful that in the sadness there is some peace knowing she is with the Lord.

Valencia, I think about you every day and pray for your Mom and brother every morning that they will have the strength to get through the day. I read the words on the stone from you every day and feel inspired by your courage and unwavering faith as you learned of your diagnosis and bravely walked that journey. You touched so many people with your life and the gifts God gave you. The light of your life shines on even though you are gone. I will join you there.