Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Catching up on our fall

The last weekend in September went to a fairy tale breakfast at  Chickfila. They had all the princesses there and free carriage rides.
 I think Isabella's favorite part was playing hide and seek with Anna in the play area.

We went to Wings one morning before school with my Mom and my nephews that she was keeping.

Milking the cow 

In previous years her pumpkins have turned out black because she mixed so much paint together or she painted all over her arms or face. She seemed so big this year making a pattern and keeping the colors all separate.

We went to the zoo one beautiful fall day and while we were there we went to the sea lion show. We hadn't been in a couple years because the last time we had to leave the show because Isabella said it was too scary. Haha!

Benjamin loved it!

Right after we finished reading Charlotte's Web, this spider showed up. Isabella asked if I thought it was a magic spider like Charlotte. It made a couple of different webs and we looked for it every day. And then one day it was gone. Eeek!

Day out with Thomas! So fun! 

Headed off to bed time to read Rescue Princesses. One of her favorite series right now.

Meeting the donkey's in our neighborhood on a Saturday walk together.

It got quiet when I was cooking dinner and I wondered what they were up to, so I put my phone around the corner of the door and took a picture. And was happy to see they were sweetly playing together. :)