Sunday, September 23, 2007

10 reasons why DW likes fall

Ok I am writing this without looking at DH's reasons, so lets see how many compare. These are not really in a particular order.

10. The Oklahoma State Fair. People always ask me what I ate at the fair. Most of the time a better question is what did I NOT eat at the fair. :) I know we will have "arrived" when we can buy the fair season pass and go as many times as we want without thinking about the entry fee. (Ok so maybe that is a slight exaggeration) Also- No I don't ride the rides at the fair, I go to eat, see the chicks, watch the pig races, go up on the sky tower, and eat some more. My sister and I do ride the big slide every year, but that is not really what I consider a ride because it isn't folded up, loaded into a truck and hauled all over the country.

9. The night that we "FALL" back. Who doesn't really appreciate an extra hour of sleep!

8. The leaves changing color. Most of the time I don't really like change, but the changing of leaves is something I always enjoy. The colors are beautiful, and remind me of God's hand in our lives and over creation.

7. Lower electric bills.

6. The beginning of many holidays. I love decorating, carving pumpkins,
making glitter pumpkins, baking, the smell of fall and holidays...

5. Halloween is always fun. This past one was our first year to have a house, we didn't have that many trick-or-treaters, but we are still excited about handing out candy at our house!! (have you ever had candy corn mixed with peanuts? YUM!)

4. Speaking of Halloween, I LOVE baby/kids Halloween costumes!
Check this one out! When I have kids I will probably need a separate closet for all of their costumes! (again another exaggeration, but I get really excited, and I don't know how I will choose just one!!)

3. My favorite TV shows are back on. (Except this fall. None of the shows I watch start until next year. You would think that would be great so I can spend that time working on school stuff! HA!)

2. Cool mornings and warmer afternoons.

1. The fact that hopefully this fall will be my LAST back to school fall!! :)

What are your favorite things about fall??

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Going the Distance

I am thinking about running today. I would like to say I am a runner, but these days it is more like I USED to be a distance runner. :) (I hope to change that, but that's another post.) I know and love the process of training hard, running the course and attempting to finish strong- even when you are ready to quit and every muscle in your body is telling you to do that. At that point it really becomes a mind over matter issue to push yourself to the finish when you want to stop.

(Insert my life currently). So much of my life feels consumed with finishing this graduate degree, my time, my energy, my emotional state... A lot of the time I think about just wanting to be done. The past few weeks I have felt really immobilized by having to finishing my thesis and internship hours. Always thinking about wanting to be done does not strengthen me to run keep racing strong. When I look at the whole picture I can see how much is behind me, and that the hurdles in front are possible to overcome. This week I am really going to try to focus on Paul's words: "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith" 2 Timothy 4:7.

When I think back on my cross country days several things come to mind. But- one special memory in particular sticks out. My dad was so faithful to support me. He came to every meet. He was usually at the start, and then would cut across so he could cheer me on as I neared the finish. I could count on him being there, and I could count on him hollering out encouraging words to me. I also knew that no matter what the outcome was of my performance in the race he was always proud of me for finishing- as it was finishing that mattered most. I get a little choked up and teary when I think about this, it means so much to me.

As I am nearing the finish of this part of my life I know there are many people cheering me on as I am struggling to get to the finish line. I know how good it feels to finally finish something. I feel stuck in the mind over matter part-even though I just want to be finished, I want to finish strong. Although sometimes I feel like I just want to quit running and have the struggle be over- I know at the end of this life race my dad will be there, proud as always, DH, and others. I am so thankful for that unwavering love and dedication.
(Just think, less than 4.5 months and no more posts about school!!)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Busy busy busy...

I've always heard that the older you get, the busier you become, but it's never really meant anything to me before... until recently, that is.

I was looking at my Outlook Calendar (which I live by) this evening at the next few weeks worth of activities and I couldn't help but notice an obvious absence of blank space on it. While the temptation is certainly present for me to look at my full calendar and be negative about the lack of free time I have in the coming weeks, I think I'm going to resist.

Just because my calendar keeps getting more things on it, doesn't mean I have to become one of those people who is always complaining about how busy they are and about how they never have time to do anything. The honest truth is that my calendar is full right now because I allow it to be full. If I want more free time, all I have to do is say, "No" to something. If I want even more free time, I all I have to do is say "No" to something else... and on and on it goes.

But I don't say no, because when it comes right down to it, I enjoy 90% of what I spend my time doing. Sure there are things that I occasionally HAVE to do - not because I want to but simply because they have to be done. Those types of things are few and far between though and consist mostly of activities like: driving to work, mowing the grass, doing chores, going to the occasional meeting at work that wastes my time, driving home from work, and few others.

However, most of the things that consume my time are either enjoyable to me in some way or another or they make a positive difference in my life or the lives of others. The majority of time is spent on the following activities: working, sleeping, hanging out with DW, hanging out with friends/family, watching OU football, worshiping, writing, reading, volunteering, advising two student organizations, teaching a class, and watching an occasional movie.

While I'm just like everyone else in that I'd love to have a few extra hours at the end of each day, the truth is that if I had more hours, I'd probably just spend them doing more of one or two of the things above. Sure... there are certainly things I'd like to add to the list (exercising more frequently and traveling are two that immediately come to mind), but the truth is that my life is filled up with things that are all (for the most part) personally satisfying to me in one way or another.

Instead of complaining about how busy I am, my goal for the rest of September is to be thankful for the freedom I have to decide how I spend my time and for all of the many opportunities I have to spend that time doing things I enjoy. Instead of complaining about how busy I am, I will make a concerted effort to spend (waste) less time doing and concerning myself with things that have little to no long-term value while spending more of my time on those things that bring significance to my own life and/or to the life of others.

P.S. I'm not sure how blogging fits into all of this.

Monday, September 10, 2007

10 reasons why DH likes fall...

10. Warm afternoons, cool crisp evenings.

9. High school football games on a Friday night. The lights, the sound of the band, the smell of popcorn, the sound of whistles blowing and pads crashing... there's just something special about Friday nights in fall.

8. The smell of burning leaves and campfires in the air. Even in the middle of the city, there's something invigorating about the fresh crisp smell of a fall afternoon.

7. I like to wear long sleeve t-shirts with shorts. Summer's too hot, winter's too cold, and I'm ready for short sleeves by the time spring gets here.

6. Dew. I love the way dew forms on my car in the evenings during the fall.

5. Handing out candy to Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween. Little kids in Halloween costumes make me laugh.

4. My favorite TV shows. Lost, 24, The Amazing Race, The Office, and My Name is Earl all have new episodes in the fall.

3. My birthday. When you're born in September, no fall comes without presents and cake and I like presents and cake.

2. The Great State Fair of Oklahoma! Where else can a guy be entertained by so many culturally diverse mullet-sporting "people" while simultaneously blowing a weeks worth pay eating fried food on a stick?

1. OU football season. This one would be cheapened with any more explanation.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Welcome back DH

DW says that this is now her blog because I never post anymore and because I disagree (seeing as how I was the one who started it) I feel the need to post so as to have some credibility when I tell her that it is just as much mine as it is hers.

I don't really have much to say, but I saw or heard a funny saying recently and I thought I would share:

A crocodile can run faster than you on land and it can swim faster than you in the water. So... if you're ever racing against one in a triathlon, you better have a pretty good bike time if you want to have a shot at winning.

I have an early morning appointment tomorrow before work at Starbucks so I should probably go to bed now.

Good night world. It's good to be blogging again.

Michael's Birthday Week Extravaganza!

The birthday week fun began with tailgating for the first OU game of the season.

On Sunday we went out for lunch at Cheesebuger in Paradise. (Our first time...we both liked our bugers a lot, but the experience as a whole was not enough to win a whole post). We celebrated with some desert nachos.

Then on Michael's actual birthday (after he recovered from a severe migraine that morning) we went to dinner with his family at Charleston's, and then to his grandparent's house for cake and ice-cream.

The day after his birthday Michael went out for lunch with his coworkers and they made him a yummy cake.

As all good things must come to an end (finally), tonight we had dinner and cake with my family.

Happy Birthday Michael! I love you!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Recent Pics

the girls in my cohort at our "team building" day- we are finally third years!!

First OU game of the season

My Favorite part!

Girls Night dinner at the cheese cake factory

Hanging out on the new fun island

Having a blast on Big Mable

Sunset at Lake Tenkiller

Food Glorious Food

I thought this would be a good place to write about interesting resturants we go to or great food we try. I LOVE food. :) I like to hear about new places, and it is fun to pass them along. A couple Saturdays ago I went to Ingrid's Kitchen with my mom and sister. This is a German resturant in OKC. They have traditional German food, like schnitzel, red cabbage, and bratwurst, and great sandwiches (try the turkey rueben!). There's bakery cases filled with all sorts of homemade baked goods - I recommend the chocolate chewies, but I didn't try everything! They also have live music on Saturdays from 12-2. The day I was there the band played Sinatra classics, and some couples were dancing - couples who probably danced to those songs when they were new! It was great food, a fun atmosphere, and a different experience than usual. If you live in the area you should try it out. It's a little noisy, but it's great for couples (old or young) and families. I will have to take Michael there...he will LOVE the music and food. Post a comment if you have a place to recommend.