Thursday, March 29, 2012

18 Months

Isabella turned 18 months this month. She was very interested once when I showed her the series of her in her chair with her zebra. But that did not translate into her sitting still so I could get her picture!
"Reading" Goodnight Moon
Aaaand what she really thinks about these pictures...

She is saying lots of new words, and repeats or attempts to repeat everything we say. She is constantly moving, and frequently jabbering. She loves reading books. Her favorites right now are Llama llama nighty-night, The monster at the end of this book, and Along came you. She loves to play outside in our yard or at the park.
Thirsty after playing hard at the park
Cupcake date this week
Enjoying her sucker from the nurse after her shots this morning
 We had her 18 month well child check this morning. She did the best she ever has with getting her shots. I found myself during and after the appointment just overwhelmed with gratefulness for such a healthy, happy child. The doctor said she is "just perfect". And any parent will tell you, it is always great to hear that!
I'll be gone for the day tomorrow at a continuing ed class, and I'm already missing her. I love you Isabella! You bring me so much joy!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One of my favorite movies is Return to Me.  A friend and I have talked about this movie often and quote parts of it. There is a part when the main character, who is single, meets someone. Late one night she rides her bike over to her friend's house, who is married to a boisterous character, and says, "I've met someone. I just had to tell you." And then rides away.
We have always joked about her needing to live close to me so that someday she can ride her bike to my house at night and say, "I've met someone. I just had to tell you." As circumstance has it we are not in bike riding distance from each other. But one day, a few weeks ago, there was a knock on my door, and then this:

I laughed so totally made my day. 
(And to the single ladies out there...there are apparently many kind, single, Christian men to be found through e-harmony. And some not so kind, or really even single men. But I'm happy that my friend is happy!)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Monday!

It was gorgeous when we got home yesterday, after a week of many rainy and cooler days. Michael went and got sand for Isabella's new-to-us sandbox. She went right to work and played for a long time transferring sand from one thing to another. She had her 18 month birthday on Friday and is changing and growing so fast!
This week is a good mix of busy days and slow at-home days. Have a good week!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend scenes

Many thanks to Michael's aunt for letting us use their lake house for a long weekend!! We had a great relaxing time away!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Quiet time

We pulled out of town Thursday night and headed to Grand Lake. We made
a stop for a hot fudge sundae at a McDonald's that is built over the
highway. Isabella was fascinated by the cars and trucks blowing by.
We've been enjoying some quiet time with just our little family, and
some great skies, books, tea, s'mores, walks, and stars.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rain, saying yes, making bread, & such

 We've had lots of rain the past few days. Monday morning Isabella kept asking to play outside. ("Water?", "Puddles", WATER?!", "PEEASE? PEEASE?") We've played in puddles before, but not while its actually raining. And it was a downpour. I didn't want to go out and get wet. But in my short time of parenting, I'm finding there are lots of opportunities to say No. And sometimes I feel like I say it A LOT in one day. So I decided to say yes. We put coats and boots on over our pajamas and splashed and splashed. One of us girls was really happy. :)
 Tuesday was our bread making day. Isabella was quite fascinated watching the mixer mix the dough. And with my necklace.
 It turned out much better than my first attempt on my own.
 We played at the science museum today. The girls loved the bubbles!
 My mom got to join us as she is on spring break. Half of Isabella's face is covered in red and purple marker from her face painting. It was a great time!
This was our cue to leave the park this evening. (And that I needed to start dinner....and that isabella went down the slide into a pool of water...and that her Nana was at our door.) The clouds were so beautiful earlier today with a bright blue sky for their background, but this evenings' clouds were equally impressive!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend scenes

Friday: Isabella made it through her first wedding. It was outside and around 10 minutes long, both good factors for her!
 She loved the cake pop cake!
 Saturday: Isabella purchased her first ice cream from an ice cream truck. 
 We did some cleaning and yard work. Our neighbors came over and gave us a wagon, tricycle, and sand box with a bunch of sand toys- all in great condition. Very fun!
 My mom kept Isabella Saturday night and we went out to Iron Starr and to see The Vow. We both loved it!
 Sunday afternoon at the park

She's getting so big! 

Friday, March 16, 2012

 I've just been out picking weeds during Isabella's afternoon nap. I thought of lots of metaphors for life about culling out the negative attitudes and thoughts that strangle out the good things. With the bad cleared away, the good can grow a lot stronger. But the bad also gives you things to learn and room to grow more. And really I was just thinking, what's the point, these weeds will just come back...but I'm not going to let the weeds choke out the flowers in my life! :) I'm loving this friday and looking forward to the weekend. We are going to a wedding tonight and on a date to a movie tomorrow night- which I consider to be a very special treat! We don't really watch TV, but pre-child days, we went to a lot of movies. I'm excited.
 We explored a new park today.
 The humidity makes Isabella's hair even more wild.

Happy Weekend! I hope you get to share it with family and friends who know you well enough to know the important things about you- like your love of chocolate and are willing to let you pick the last little bits of it off their fingers because it is just that good!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday

This week I've been thankful for:
She often wears a flower clip in her hair so when she saw these flower stickers she started putting them all in her hair.
-New words: sticker (stikhor), color (Cholhor), bus, doggie, bubbles, happy

-Celebrating 60 years of my dad. What a kind, calm, patient, faithful father he has been!
While it can try my patience, at times, I love her determination.
-Spending time with Isabella. I was missing her Tuesday with working on Monday and being gone for a CEU training Tuesday. I soaked her in yesterday and today.
-I am so grateful for family and friends that have kept Isabella while I have worked or enjoyed child free things with Michael. 
- The warm weather. We've been enjoying sidewalk chalk and blowing bubbles, playing at the park, and the zoo.
-Isabella's spirit, and watching her be brave in trying new things.
-Surprise blessings
-Good books

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I'm wishing for an extra Saturday as this weekend is coming to a close. I'd love another day to be quiet, in pajamas, and home with my little family. We went out Friday night for a family dinner and Isabella was a complete hooligan the entire time. We were that family that people in the restaurant are looking at and thinking "why do they come out in public?!" OK- so maybe that's a bit extreme, but you know what I mean. Our little girl is spunky, full of energy, cutting two teeth, and did not feel well off and on this weekend- which comes to a grand culmination of fussiness and crying.
She does love a good splash in the bath.

 I am feeling worn out this weekend...but happy seeing her smiling face in this picture. 

 I did slip away Saturday during morning nap for some starbucks, an awesome pedicure, and some good mom/friend/life talk. It was so good for me, and I'm loving my aphrodite's pink nightie colored toes. (I'd love to meet someone that comes up with the names for nail and paint colors...what fun creative people they must be!)
I've been feeling a bit discouraged about some things this weekend-  by some things that are in my control and other things impacting the lives of people I care about. Tonight, I went out for a run and did some soul searching. I had a talk with Michael...and renewed my outlook. My mantra for the week is going to be I have enough time to do the things I need and want do to, it just depends on how I prioritize my time. (Unless, of course, my child is sick or extra clingy, and I'm too exhausted to get things done when I do have the chance, and then I need to be flexible and gracious with myself). I'm ready to hit the ground running this week, be more patient, and move forward to things I want to accomplish.