Friday, March 16, 2012

 I've just been out picking weeds during Isabella's afternoon nap. I thought of lots of metaphors for life about culling out the negative attitudes and thoughts that strangle out the good things. With the bad cleared away, the good can grow a lot stronger. But the bad also gives you things to learn and room to grow more. And really I was just thinking, what's the point, these weeds will just come back...but I'm not going to let the weeds choke out the flowers in my life! :) I'm loving this friday and looking forward to the weekend. We are going to a wedding tonight and on a date to a movie tomorrow night- which I consider to be a very special treat! We don't really watch TV, but pre-child days, we went to a lot of movies. I'm excited.
 We explored a new park today.
 The humidity makes Isabella's hair even more wild.

Happy Weekend! I hope you get to share it with family and friends who know you well enough to know the important things about you- like your love of chocolate and are willing to let you pick the last little bits of it off their fingers because it is just that good!


  1. Ooo where is that park? Those slides look fun!

    1. It is Kite Park in Nichols Hills. We will have to go sometime! The park at the lake was completely closed from the construction today.