Sunday, March 11, 2012

I'm wishing for an extra Saturday as this weekend is coming to a close. I'd love another day to be quiet, in pajamas, and home with my little family. We went out Friday night for a family dinner and Isabella was a complete hooligan the entire time. We were that family that people in the restaurant are looking at and thinking "why do they come out in public?!" OK- so maybe that's a bit extreme, but you know what I mean. Our little girl is spunky, full of energy, cutting two teeth, and did not feel well off and on this weekend- which comes to a grand culmination of fussiness and crying.
She does love a good splash in the bath.

 I am feeling worn out this weekend...but happy seeing her smiling face in this picture. 

 I did slip away Saturday during morning nap for some starbucks, an awesome pedicure, and some good mom/friend/life talk. It was so good for me, and I'm loving my aphrodite's pink nightie colored toes. (I'd love to meet someone that comes up with the names for nail and paint colors...what fun creative people they must be!)
I've been feeling a bit discouraged about some things this weekend-  by some things that are in my control and other things impacting the lives of people I care about. Tonight, I went out for a run and did some soul searching. I had a talk with Michael...and renewed my outlook. My mantra for the week is going to be I have enough time to do the things I need and want do to, it just depends on how I prioritize my time. (Unless, of course, my child is sick or extra clingy, and I'm too exhausted to get things done when I do have the chance, and then I need to be flexible and gracious with myself). I'm ready to hit the ground running this week, be more patient, and move forward to things I want to accomplish.

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  1. I like the part about being kind and gracious to yourself too. Its an ever present challenge these days, finding that middle path of pushing ourselves to be better, do better and reach for our goals but to also know when to slow down and accept the unexpected limitations that come along during this season of our life. This post reminded me how much I love your heart. I love the authenticity that posts like this bring to share when things hard. I love you and can't wait till we can have a real catch up soon. Praying you have a great week!