Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A random Tuesday catch up via pics from my phone

 Friday, we kicked off the weekend fun with a trip to cuppies and joe for a cupcake/cookies and milk date. It was a little surreal, being there with my daughter and her sitting up at a big table by herself. I'm still taken back sometime by this journey I am on of being a mama to a little girl. I'm excited about the adventures we will have.
 Saturday night sunset
 Playing at the Lake on Sunday night
 Isabella and Michael 
 Monday, Michelle and I had our "goals accountability meeting" over cupcakes. We have been meeting once a month to review how we did the previous month with things we want to accomplish and discuss what we want to accomplish in the coming month. If we don't finish in time we have to cancel on the other one. I didn't think this would really work for me, but last month I had to stay up late and work all through Isabella's naps the weekend before our meeting to get everything done, and it actually motivated me.
 Tuesday: For the parts of motherhood that are hard and stressful, equally, and even more so, there are times that I feel so overwhelmed with love and joy by the blessing that is my baby girl. And not to sugar coat things because it is NOT always easy, but overall, I feel happier these days than I have ever been. I can't say how much of that is the joy I've found in motherhood, or becoming more content with life as it is now, but either way...I'll take it.
 Dinner was: baked tilapia, sweet potatoes, and kale chips.
 Isabella was a fan of the kale chips.
My current reads: Jesus Calling (a daily devotional. Love, love, love.), Loving the little years (Just finished this one. A quick read, some of it didn't fit for me, but there was also some really great practical advice and reminders about these fleeting early years of mothering little ones.), Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (this month's book club pick, just got and haven't started yet), the Christian Atheist (Our ladies bible class is doing this book at church. I read the first 44 pages today...it is SO good!), and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (still slowly making my way through the HP series).

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