Thursday, March 15, 2007

And finally...

Another one of us at the movies. It was a really old dilapidated theater. No stadium seating, Dolby Surround Sound in this one.

We can't believe what we're seeing! Such a shocker of a movie.

The father-in-law and boyfriend-in-law at our house for dessert after DW's dad's birthday dinner. Posted by Picasa

More pics...again

They put in a new gelato place by our house... YUM!

Look at that dessert! The two people on the right are DW's friend from school and her husband... nice people. We should hang out with them more often.

DW posing for the camera at the movie theater. We were the only one's in the room at this point... I promise. P.S. Go see Breach. It was great.

Another pose...
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More pics...

DW doing homework up in the loft. This room has changed names several times in the course of our short history with the house. It started out as "Italy" after the upstairs room in Frank McCort's (spelling?) book, "Angela's Ashes." Now, it's the situation room, after the room on 24 where all the real strategic work happens.

Us at DW's parent's house. I don't remember what this was for.

Us out for an early Valentine's dinner at our new favorite local restaurant... The Melting Pot.

Me with DW at her cousin's wedding.
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