Saturday, April 24, 2010

17 weeks

Here is my ever-growing belly at 17 weeks. We go this Tuesday, the 27th for the gender ultra sound. I can't wait and hope the baby cooperates to show us what it is. I have been feeling A LOT better. Even when I do feel nauseous it is not near as bad as it was for so long.

We went to the Art's Festival downtown last night. It is great to see the city so alive.

The art nothing special, well not compared to the food. Which is the real reason we go!
The Edmond arts festival is next weekend and I'm sure we will be there too!

Big Thursday at our house

Thursday we got letters in the mail we have been waiting for. Michael got his acceptance letter for a PhD program for this fall!! WHOO HOO! I got confirmation from the licensing board that I have completed my requirements for my license. It has been such a debacle working with the board and I should have been done two weeks ago. But I got the paperwork to file for the license Thursday. I went Friday and turned that in and paid my license fee, so hopefully next week I *may* really be licensed! That night we went to the Thunder vs. Lakers game. It was so much fun!! The crowd was insane, my ears were ringing when we left there.

Chesapeake donated shirts for the game. It was cool to see the whole arena in blue.

I was so nervous at the end, but we won!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ava Rose

I was excited to meet sweet Ava Rose Askew on Tuesday this week. I barely slept the night Heather was in labor because I was so excited and anxious!

She loved being wrapped up and was not happy when the nurse had to take her blankets off.

Heather looked so great and did so well! I can't wait to spend more time with them!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trip in May

We just booked a trip for May to go to these places:


and here.

Where in the US are these places?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Fun

Michael worked a half day on Friday and we had lunch at 501 cafe and then went to the zoo. The weather was beautiful.

Of course the giraffes are my favorite. I have had crazy dreams most nights since I have been pregnant. Last night my crazy dream involved giraffes.

Saturday I joined Heather for some fun girl time before she has her baby. Here are our babies at 15 weeks at 38 weeks.

Saturday night we went to a banquet at Cattleman's steakhouse.
Our Sunday has been full and busy, but it has been a good weekend.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

15 weeks

Michael said something silly right before he snapped this picture as you can tell by my smile.
15 weeks and YIKES! I feel like my belly is huge! My weight is the same as when I first got pregnant, but my bump is definitely growing. The baby is the size of an apple this week and is about 4 inches long. I can schedule to find out what we are having between 18-20 weeks, so hopefully we can schedule that appointment next week at our 16 week check up. I am starting to have a few more days where I feel OK, so it seems things might be improving. I am loving the sunshine and warmer weather, and Michael and I have enjoyed some nice walks in the evening. I'm looking forward to this second trimester.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Happy Easter

Isaac trying to be careful with his eggs

George making a two colored egg

The boys with our eggs. We made 3 dozen.

On Easter with my basket from my mom. She used to use our childhood Easter baskets, but the last few years has bought a piece of our dishes to use as our "basket". My basket also had an itunes card and candy for Michael.

My mom busted out this old jelly mold she used to make when we were kids. The boys loved it.

Michael and I

The hunt begins

A little brotherly competition trying to be the first to an egg

It was a fun Easter with great weather. We skyped with Michael's parents later in the afternoon, and missed spending time with them. Happy Spring!