Thursday, June 26, 2014

14 months

Benjamin you are 14 months! Your little personality is coming out more and more. Which has been really fun to see evolve. You have a great laugh, do sneaky things and see if we are watching, and can have quite a temper when you get upset.
The few things I've got recorded for this month are: you started wanting to use a fork to eat your food at most meals- which I finally figured out after much pointing and frustration on your part. You do really well with it most of the time, but sometimes go back to using your hands when its easier. You have been adventurous to try some new foods- and have really liked watermelon and sometimes bananas. You love when I make french toast for breakfast. You have added No to your vocabulary. You say it sometimes and others shake your head. You began blowing kisses, which has been super sweet. You want to climb on everything and don't want to just sit at in the stroller at the playground now. You want to be climbing and playing. You are happy to go to your nursery bible class and play away in there.

We found out this month when you get mosquito bites they get huge and swollen.
You and I had our first night away from each other, and ended up being over 36 hours. Our longest stint yet. Dad says you did just great, and I had lots of fun. 

More teeth are breaking through on top and bottom, but they haven't seemed to have bothered you as much as the first 4 teeth.
We all love you very much and are so glad you are in our family!
Love, Mama

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 1-15

June 1st: Home from vacation and first swim in the neighborhood pool. 

June 2nd: Cinderella rides

June 3rd: Michael went out of town for the night and mom came up to go swimming with us.

June 4th: Ready to go to Mother's Day out at church

June 5th: Making a wish

June 6th: Trying a new bread recipe

June 7th: The downtown splash pad and much concentration...

June 8th: Benjamin's first hair cut

June 9th: Helping with the candles for aunt flower's birthday cake

June 10th: Signing more books

June 11th: Splashin'

June 12th: Making strawberry yogurt popsicles

June 13th: Crying on Dad's shoulder. She really wanted to climb to the top of some play structure and was too scared to do it. Then she was so disappointed in herself.

June 14th: Target. And that face! :)

 June 15th: Impossible picture attempts on father's day. Haha! So grateful for the father he is!

Friday, June 20, 2014

First hair cut

Benjamin had his first hair cut a couple of weeks ago.
It was starting to hang over his ears and get long in the back. Michael had wanted to take him for several weeks, but it was hard to find a time to all go with the shop's hours.

 He was a little unsure about what was happening.

 And not too impressed.

 And a couple of times I thought he was about to loose it and cry and cry.

But he made it through! Most of the pictures are blurry because the hair dresser moved so fast to get it done quickly and move with his movements! It was impressive!

 He looked so big after his hair cut!

And it was a bit much for brother getting all of these pictures taken by himself that sister thought she better jump in!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

May 16-31

May 16th: Summer duties

May 17th: Belated Mother's day brunch at Kitchen no. 324

May 18th: Getting some books to take on our trip. She totally pulled this pose without being asked, when I was trying to sneak a picture of her looking for books. (and yeah, you never know when you need snow boots when the heat index is almost 100.)

May 19th: Meeting sweet baby Reese.

May 20th: Packing late into the night.

May 21st: On the road.

May 22nd: My loves at the River Walk

May 23rd: Seaworld

May 24th: Beginning a week of beach and pool time.

May 25th: Pirate Benny

May 26th: Hard at work

May 27th: Buckets

May 28th: Mimi and Izzy

May 29th: A great day on our trip 

May 30th: To the beach!

May 31st: "Take my picture! I'm Elsa! I'm freeezing you!"