Saturday, June 07, 2014

San Antonio

We went to San Antonio with Michael's parents last month. Isabella went down the night before with Cappy and Nana and we met them the next day.

Benjamin was a good little traveler and took both morning and afternoon naps pretty easily. We went out to dinner on the river walk and then settled in our condo for the night.

Thursday morning we went to breakfast at Mi Tierra.

So many bright colors!

Tons to choose from in their bakery. Some is good and some is not so much. Haha!

We walked around the market after breakfast.  Cappy and Nana let Isabella pick something out and she chose a yellow guitar.  Benjamin got some maracas.

We went swimming in the afternoon. Then headed back to the river walk for dinner in the evening.

I love the sweet relationship she has with her Grandparents!

Cappy showing Izzy that a real man has no problem carrying your pink plastic purse out in public... :)

Friday morning we headed to Sea World. Its been many years since I went and had completely forgot how big it was and how much there is to do.

At the Cannery Row Caper show

In the children's park there was an elmo show and you could meet the characters at different times. Benjamin got a little freaked out by Elmo.

I loved watching her face!

We ended our fun day with some ice cream at DQ.

Benjamin did not sleep great at night and I was up several times with him, but both kids slept longer in the mornings than they have been. The thunder lost to the spurs while we were there. But we still had a great trip San Antonio!

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