Thursday, June 19, 2014

May 16-31

May 16th: Summer duties

May 17th: Belated Mother's day brunch at Kitchen no. 324

May 18th: Getting some books to take on our trip. She totally pulled this pose without being asked, when I was trying to sneak a picture of her looking for books. (and yeah, you never know when you need snow boots when the heat index is almost 100.)

May 19th: Meeting sweet baby Reese.

May 20th: Packing late into the night.

May 21st: On the road.

May 22nd: My loves at the River Walk

May 23rd: Seaworld

May 24th: Beginning a week of beach and pool time.

May 25th: Pirate Benny

May 26th: Hard at work

May 27th: Buckets

May 28th: Mimi and Izzy

May 29th: A great day on our trip 

May 30th: To the beach!

May 31st: "Take my picture! I'm Elsa! I'm freeezing you!"

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