Wednesday, June 04, 2014

May 1-15

May 1st: She asked to have her picture taken with this statue at the library.

May 2nd: At the Edmond Arts Festival and later that night finding Michael's book on the shelf at Barnes and Noble.

May 3rd: Benny's first trip to the water area at the zoo, and celebrating Nana's birthday later that evening.

May 4th: Playing outside in the evening.

May 5th: Forgot to take a picture, random picture from my phone that day from dinner time at work. I've been trying to eat clean about 80% of the time this last year. Whole, unprocessed foods. I've eaten this black bean quinoa A LOT.  So much so I'm taking a break from it for a little bit. Haha!

May 6th: Playing in the afternoon light.

May 7th: Before bed after Wednesday night church. This was the least blurry one. Oh motherhood! :)

May 8th: The first bloom of the spring on one of the rose bushes my dad planted for me.

May 9th: Headed to the mother/daughter night at church.

May 10th: Date night with my dad, out to dinner and the symphony.

May 11th: Mother's day with my favorite little girl! (Benjamin was asleep)

May 12th: Signing lots of books to send off to readers.

May 13th: We got to go to a playoff game. It was so, so fun with a crazy win at the last minute!

May 14th: Benjamin bear

May 15th: Catching a sneak peek at the accessories she added for the day.

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  1. loving the catch up posts! Izzy's painted face pictures of my favorite of this group! great shot and that little smirk!!