Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 1-15

June 1st: Home from vacation and first swim in the neighborhood pool. 

June 2nd: Cinderella rides

June 3rd: Michael went out of town for the night and mom came up to go swimming with us.

June 4th: Ready to go to Mother's Day out at church

June 5th: Making a wish

June 6th: Trying a new bread recipe

June 7th: The downtown splash pad and much concentration...

June 8th: Benjamin's first hair cut

June 9th: Helping with the candles for aunt flower's birthday cake

June 10th: Signing more books

June 11th: Splashin'

June 12th: Making strawberry yogurt popsicles

June 13th: Crying on Dad's shoulder. She really wanted to climb to the top of some play structure and was too scared to do it. Then she was so disappointed in herself.

June 14th: Target. And that face! :)

 June 15th: Impossible picture attempts on father's day. Haha! So grateful for the father he is!

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