Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

We had a pumpkin carving contest last night at church. Michael went all out with his pumpkin.

Here we are with our pumpkins. I went for a traditional look and Michael did one of the more difficult patterns.

Some of the pumpkins lit up, mine is the one in the middle.

Michael's award winning pumpkin. He won first place!

I made some pumpkin, ghost, and bat sugar cookies.

On Halloween at the OU game.
Boomer Sooner!

Meeting PW

My sister and I went to the Pioneer Woman book signing at Full Circle. We got there an hour before it started thinking we would get close to the front of the line...HA!

Here is where we joined the line- which had wrapped all through the store to form a line going through 50 penn place. We stood in line for FOUR hours!! Which was ridiculous! But, there just came a point we had waited so long we couldn't turn back.

We finally got close and could see her signing the books. She was chatting it up with everyone asking questions and taking lots of pictures.

The moment we had been waiting for!

My signed book!!

Monday, October 26, 2009


We left early in the morning to go to NYC. We got checked into our hotel, grabbed some lunch at Gray's Papaya, got our subway passes, and headed to Central Park.

I had lots of favorites on this trip, but Central park was a huge favorite!!

The boat house (seen in the movie 27 Dresses, where she wants to get married)

The trees had began turning for fall and were beautiful!

I loved how quiet it was in the park. It is an oasis in that busy, huge city.

We went on a carriage ride through the park, checking off another one of my "things I want to do".

We headed to FAO Schwarz to do another another one of my dreams: play on the big piano. It was a very cool toy store.

Later that night we went out to dinner and walked around times square

Then we walked around Rockefeller center and the plaza

Friday morning Michael and I got up at 4:30 and headed out to the Today Show. This was another one of my favorites. I watch the today show most mornings so it was really fun to see it in action. This pic is of Natalie, Al, and Lester. Matt and Meredith had the day off.

Here is Tim McGraw. He came out around 6 AM and warmed up before the show started and then he played again later.

Cheesy I know! But so much fun! We headed back to the hotel for breakfast before heading out for the rest of our day. I had some kind of freak allergic reaction and both of my eyes swelled up huge!! We went to a pharmacy and I got some medicine and eye drops. It was crazy! I still don't know what happened.

Then we went to see Lady Liberty.

The four of us with our backs to Manhattan

After lunch we went to Serendipity, another thing on my to-do list.

We shared frozen hot chocolate, mint frozen hot chocolate, and carrot cake. Everything was really good!

We saw Jude Law while we were there.

That night after dinner we went to the Magnolia bakery and checked off another thing on my list.

The next morning we slept until 8, as we were tired of getting up at 4:30 for two days. We headed over to the discount ticket booth on the lower east side. We waited in line there, secured our tickets, and went to lunch. Heather took us to this place, The Tuck Shop, they went there on a previous trip. It is run by an Australian guy. We had meat pies, sausage rolls, and lamingtons. So good! Took me right back to my childhood!

Michael and I walked over to Washington park, at NYU.

That night we went out to dinner at Ruby Foos in time square and then walked over to the theatre. I loved the show, our seats were great, and I tried to not sing along and annoy the people around me! :)

On the morning of our last day, Michael and I got up and took a cab over to Penelope for breakfast. I had nutella stuffed french toast- Delicious!

We headed over to the 30 Rock building, and went to the top. The views were incredible. It was crazy to me how big the park is.

Heather and I with the Empire state building.

We ate lunch at a street fair and then went to Crumb's Bakery. This bakery was one of the best I have been to. My cupcake is the one on the left. It was chocolate cake, filled with peanut butter frosting, topped with peanut butter and frosting chocolate frosting, and rimmed with peanut butter chips!

Outside the bakery. Every cupcake we tried was great. I dare say this was one of the best cupcakes I have ever had...and that this bakery puts magnolia, sprinkles, cuppies and joe, and sara sara to shame! Not that I won't go to those places, because you work with what you've got...but WOW! :)

We headed back to Central park before we had to leave. It was another beautiful, sunny day.

I loved the trip. I got to do so many things I have wanted to do and see. It was fun to see places that are in movies. I thought the city was a cross between Rome, Sydney, and London, and yet like no other city at the same time. There are things I would like to do if we go back that we didn't have time for and things I would like to do again. It was a good thing we walked so much to balance out all of the food we ate! I am glad to be home and in a place with a slower pace. I feel so blessed to have got to do so many fun things and come home to Oklahoma!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

This weekend we went to Stillwater and met up with some of the girls from my grad school program. It was great to see them and meet Kara's new baby. I miss those girls a lot.

We went to see 'Where the wild things are'. It was different than the book, but still fabulous with a great soundtrack.

We went to Tulsa to celebrate David's birthday and went to Fuddruckers.

Followed by our first trip to Dave and Buster's. We had fun and got a little crazy with the tickets.

It was a great weekend- (minus the whole OU game thing). It was intense and loud at our house for a few hours Saturday! But it was a good weekend of doing things and also having down time. Saturday I cooked and froze 5 meals and prepared other meats to freeze to be ready to cook for meals. That helps me a lot during busy weeks to have meals ready to go. It will be a short work week for us this week, working til Wednesday, then we leave to go to New York Thursday at the crack of dawn!

Glitter pumpkins

We made our glitter pumpkins this weekend, and I was glad because last year I bought the pumpkins, but never got around to making them. Here is a little demonstration:

You need small pumpkins, glue- (I use "tacky" glue), fine glitter, brushes, and newspapers.

Brush the glue over 3/4 of the pumpkin (leaving the bottom for it to sit to dry)

Cover with glitter. When you are finished you will use the newspaper as a funnel to put the excess glitter back in the bottle.

More gluing

Green glitter

Leave for a few hours to dry. When dry you will turn them over and do the bottom of the pumpkin and then let that dry for a few hours.

And display! Happy Fall!