Sunday, October 18, 2009

Glitter pumpkins

We made our glitter pumpkins this weekend, and I was glad because last year I bought the pumpkins, but never got around to making them. Here is a little demonstration:

You need small pumpkins, glue- (I use "tacky" glue), fine glitter, brushes, and newspapers.

Brush the glue over 3/4 of the pumpkin (leaving the bottom for it to sit to dry)

Cover with glitter. When you are finished you will use the newspaper as a funnel to put the excess glitter back in the bottle.

More gluing

Green glitter

Leave for a few hours to dry. When dry you will turn them over and do the bottom of the pumpkin and then let that dry for a few hours.

And display! Happy Fall!


  1. I love the pumpkins. I'll have to try that some day. :-)

  2. thats a cute idea...i would have never thought of that