Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Saturday Adventure

I was in need of adventure on Saturday and have made little progress on my Oklahoma experiences for the year, so we decided to head west to Red Rock Canyon state park.
 We stopped for lunch at Johnnies in El Reno where our families have eaten for generations. They are known for the onion burgers and coneys...but lately what I've raved about is the Chocolate mystery pie!! So good!

We drove the rest of the way to Red Rock and drove through the whole park to check things out first. The canyon was once a Winter Camp for the Plains Indians, and later was a stop along the California Road Trail. Today there are camping and RV spots, lots of picnic areas, some playgrounds, a pool with a small splash pad area, a couple of trails, and several places to rock climb/rappel. We were planning on hiking, but the trail was pretty steep for a new walker and three year old. So we opted out of that for some other activities better suited for our little ones.

 Benjamin loved picking up the sticks and dropping them through the holes on this bench. He might have stayed there the whole time if we didn't move to another area.

Climbing the kids' rock 

Throwing rocks in the water
We should have taken swimsuits- the pool and water area looked fun!

Snow cone stop in Hinton before heading home 

Isabella said her favorite part was throwing rocks, climbing the rock, and having a snow cone and listening to pony songs. (Sometimes its hard to choose just one favorite part! ;)  

Monday, August 11, 2014

August 1st-7th

 August 1st: Headed out for our anniversary night away. We stayed at the Skirvin. Walked to Red Prime for dinner. Rented Divergent. Walked to Kitchen 324 for breakfast. Walked around the city some and hung out in a courtyard area. Then went to a farmer's market on the way home. One thing I love about being in big cities is the pedestrian lifestyle so it was fun to stay downtown and walk places and have a small taste of that! (Thanks so much, Mom for staying with our kids so we could have such a relaxing time!)

 August 2nd: Last minute tickets for Michael Buble'! (Thanks Roberts, we are ready to return the babysitting favor soon!!)

August 3rd: Our actual anniversary. Family selfie post after church naps.

August 4th: Tent peekaboo!

August 5th: Swimming and more swimming

August 6th: Whole foods with Ben while Izzy is at MDO

August 7th: Climbing everywhere at the spiderweb park

Saturday, August 09, 2014

15 months

15 months of Benjamin Gray!

Singing the one song he sings. "Let it GOOOOO". I've got to get it on video!

 23lbs 8oz  31.5 inches

15 months brought the major milestone of walking!! A few steps here and there in the beginning and then more and more slowly put together. In your 15th month we celebrated 4th of July, road tripped to Chicago, and enjoyed some of the things that Summer has to offer. I know I said this last month, but your personality keeps coming out more and more. It is so fun to see. We have a few little things we do that make me laugh and you seem to love that. I don't know if its me laughing or if its so fun for you to finally be able to communicate something and we both understand each other. You and Isabella have started playing together a little more. She gets a little frustrated when you don't play along quite how she wants you to. You have become a little more adventurous in trying new foods and tried and actually ate strawberries, pineapple, and mac and cheese this month. You have four teeth that are still trying to make their way through. You are easy going and happy most of the time, but if you don't like or want something you let us know. 
We love you so much!

Thursday, August 07, 2014

July 16th-31st

I've taken many unintentional breaks from my camera the last several weeks so this 365 series has some holes and LOTS of phone pictures. So I'm trying to recommit myself and get back to picking up my camera every day. 
 July 17th: Not happy 

 July 18th: We closed on our home we had been renting out for the last couple of years. I went through grad school, my first pregnancy, brought Isabella home, and shared many memories with friends and family here. But its so good for us to not be landlords anymore!!

 July 19th: We finally tried Hoboken coffee in Guthrie and went to Eskimo Joes for lunch and then walked around the OSU campus. A sweet girl shared her bread with us at Theta pond so we could feed the ducks.

 July 20th: Downtown for the Summer concert series.

 July 21st: Hitting up the park early morning before it gets to hot! (And I totally limb chopped him! grrr)

 July 23rd: Twin day for us!

 July 24th: We did the whole bedtime routine, put Isabella in bed, and then surprised her with a bedtime trip to Braum's. She thought it was awesome.

 July 25th: Day trip to the Jasmine Moran children's museum. It was really well done and lots of fun. We will be going back for sure! 

 July 26th: Baby shower for my sister and Jillian.

 July 27th: Benny in the tug boat in the nursery at church.

 July 28th: 15 month picture!

 July 29th: At the doctor.  :(

 July 30th: Splashing

July 31st: Sick day for Benny G.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

July 1-15th

 July 1st: Sleepy boy leaving the pool

July 3rd: Playing in the tunnel at Chickfila

July 4th: Happy Independence Day!

July 5th: Happy 4th birthday Milo!

July 6th: Climbing in the hotel cabinet in St. Louis

July 7th: Waiting outside Giordanos for pizza!

July 8th: Little guy in the big city! (and eating handfuls of sand!)

July 9th: Visiting the Bean!

July 10th: Last night in Chicago at Navy Pier

July 12th:Visiting the Blue Whale

July 14th: Catching Benjamin at one of his favorite past times...

July 15th: Lost in her play