Monday, August 11, 2014

August 1st-7th

 August 1st: Headed out for our anniversary night away. We stayed at the Skirvin. Walked to Red Prime for dinner. Rented Divergent. Walked to Kitchen 324 for breakfast. Walked around the city some and hung out in a courtyard area. Then went to a farmer's market on the way home. One thing I love about being in big cities is the pedestrian lifestyle so it was fun to stay downtown and walk places and have a small taste of that! (Thanks so much, Mom for staying with our kids so we could have such a relaxing time!)

 August 2nd: Last minute tickets for Michael Buble'! (Thanks Roberts, we are ready to return the babysitting favor soon!!)

August 3rd: Our actual anniversary. Family selfie post after church naps.

August 4th: Tent peekaboo!

August 5th: Swimming and more swimming

August 6th: Whole foods with Ben while Izzy is at MDO

August 7th: Climbing everywhere at the spiderweb park

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