Monday, November 23, 2015

The Bryan family

I go way back with the Bryan's. Bill and I were in 5th grade together back in the day when Peyton Fox punched me in the face and it made Bill so mad. And we met Amy through her dating Bill and all ended up being good friends and each other's weddings. I always ask what shots people want most in their sessions, and Amy said she just would really like a picture with her youngest daughter smiling because she doesn't really smile when they've had family pictures taken in the past. No pressure right?! Haha! It was fun to meet up with them and we ended up getting a few smiles out of Emily.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Bed time story

"Reading" Curious George and the ice cream truck to himself before bed and laughing all about it. I love the way he says Curious George right now. :)

Saturday, November 21, 2015

OC Homecoming

It was homecoming at OC a couple of weeks ago. We went to the parade in the morning. There were some great floats this year! We went to lunch with my family and then raced home to get Isabella ready to carry the crown for the "coronation" as she had been calling it.

Our friends from the church we go to at the beach were in town to watch their daughter (#13 play). So we got to catch up with them while we waited for it to be time for Isabella to go back for her duties.

After it was over she said: I was a little nervous with all of those people looking, but MOM!! It was SO great!!

They are developing a new area on campus called "Hartman Place" in honor of my grandparents and extended family members. Isabella is standing on rocks in the dry creek bed there. Its going to look great when its all completed!
She really enjoyed herself! ("It was my first real coronation, Mom! Just like Elsa's!" My girl is very expressive and feels all the big feelings. :)

Friday, November 20, 2015

Johns Maternity

I sent this session off in the mail yesterday and it always feels good to have the session done after investing a lot of time in it and makes me a little nervous to put something I've created "out there".
It was great to meet this couple expecting their first baby in a couple of weeks now. They were so kind and caring toward each other. Here is a sampling from their shoot:

Monday, November 16, 2015

Halloween Week Wrap up

Saturday before Halloween Michael took the kids to Wings while I was at affair of the heart. He sent me lots of fun pics of them. 

Benjamin had his first face painting and chose a pumpkin.

Bob the builder and Cinderella ready to head to trunk or treat Sunday night.

 Bob and his shark friend getting some more candy

Mom helped us make "Cinderella's carriage" for our trunk.

 Pumpkin carving night!

Tuesday was dress up day at gymnastics. Isabella wore her Fancy Nancy costume.

Benjamin had trick or treat at Mother's Day Out on tuesday.

Trick or treat in the dorms at Dad's work on Thursday.

Isabella's pre-K fall party Friday after the storybook parade


On Halloween morning we went to the fall festival at OSUOKC farmer's market. They had free face painting and popcorn. They didn't have pictures of designs to choose from, and Benjamin randomly said- I be an owl. :)

Benjamin's first year to help us make our cookies. 

Mom and dad came by for a visit 

Benjamin was very sweet saying twick or tweat! Have a good night! at most houses.

Visiting our friends in the neighborhood

Nana and Cappy joined us for the evening

Happy Halloween!! We packed in lots of fun this year!!  Isabella wore almost every dress up dress she owns. And benjamin loved being Bob the builder, and continues to dress up as Bob after Halloween is over.