Friday, November 13, 2015

Fall break

After the Orr Family Farm we headed south to Lake Murray for a fall break camping trip.

 Isabella played with Benjamin's diggers just as much as he did over the weekend.

Benjamin got a new tool set from Nana and Cappy and he was frequently cutting and fixing things a la Bob the builder style.

We walked to the playground several times a day.

That crazy nap hair!!

We went on lots of walks and hikes. That was Isabella's favorite part.


Playing "diggers" and playdoh and waving at people out for a morning walk.

We went to the nature center and to check out Tucker's tower. Michael and Benjamin are the small dots at the top left.

Some of the girls were going around selling rocks and shells. Ranging in price from free to $20. Isabella had to set up her own shop with "free rocks and sticks".

Goodnight Moon
A resting point on our hike. 

We had a very fun and relaxing time with family and enjoying nature!

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