Sunday, November 16, 2014


I'm still plugging away at my 365 project even though I stopped posting them. Here are some 365 from the last couple of months and a few random phone pics from our every day. 

Right?! :) 

 One middle of the night of a week of terrible molar teething. Its really fun hanging out, crying for a while, eating some yogurt...glad that's over for the moment.

 Pumpkin donuts and first red cup of the season

We rearranged Isabella's room on Friday. And broke my rule of not decorating for Christmas til after thanksgiving. But its just one tree, in one room, and so cozy, and she asked if we could.... haha! :)

First snowfall this season


Isabella got her first train set around this age and he has been playing with them every day recently.

He gets pretty frustrated when they won't stay together or come off the tracks, but he keeps working at it.