Thursday, August 29, 2013

4 Months

At 4 months you are 15lbs and 14 oz, and 26.5 inches! Growing so big! Last month I commented how great you sleep. You decided to change that up this month. You still sleep for a lot of hours combined, but have been waking up at least twice in the night to eat and sometimes three times. That was a bit of a cruel joke after you slept in 7-9 hour stretches some the month before. But I should know as soon as I get used to one schedule it can just change again. At 4 months you are super smiley and still content most of the time as long as you are not hungry or sleepy. You like to play under your activity gym, and in the last week or so have been able to grab and hold a toy for a little while.  You love to hold  on to your blanket while you are going to sleep. You have started drooling a lot and I'm starting to wonder when you are going to start teething. You can make the loudest squealing, screeching noises...I guess you have to try to keep up with the noise you hear from your sister!

    Puckering your lips right before you cry.
    Kicking and playing on the floor.
   Waking up. Yawn.

I love you with all my heart Benjamin Bear!

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

11 years

Our 11 year wedding anniversary was this past Saturday. Michael took off work Friday to continue our tradition of a family celebration for our anniversary. 
We rolled out of bed and went to cracker barrel for breakfast. We rarely go to a sit down place for breakfast any more, so that was fun! Then we ran some errands and took naps for the rest of the afternoon. In the evening we headed downtown.We started with a picnic in the park.

Our first photo as a family of 4. 
Somehow we never got one in the hospital or up until this point. Not a great picture of me, but there you have it...4 of us now! After we ate we headed over to the splash pad to play for a little while.

"Its OK Benny, don't cry",  she's saying. 

We changed Isabella back into her clothes and walked into Bricktown for a surprise. 
(Note to self, don't mention there's a surprise to Isabella prior to them happening, unless you want 20 questions about what it is. )

I had reserved the Cinderella carriage for our ride, but the company dropped the ball on our reservation, so we went ahead and went with this one. Isabella didn't know any different though and loved it. She's holding her Cinderella little people high and proud.  Izzy and I went to sonic for drinks for us while Michael went to get the car and picked us up. We had a great day together and it was nice to have a long weekend!

Saturday was a little crazy with different events going on that morning. Later that afternoon Isabella went to stay with my parents for the first time. My sister came over to keep Benjamin for us to go out on a date. We went to Signature Grill and it was just as good as I had remembered!! The bacon and mushroom risotto is amazing!

We had hoped to go to a movie after dinner, but the timing didn't work out and nothing was out that we were really that excited about anyway. So after driving for a while we ended up at cheesecake factory and got a slice of cheesecake and a dulce de leche hot chocolate to go. We drove to the lake and watched the sun set and talked about our favorite times over the past 11 years and favorite things about each other.
Crazy to believe we have already been married for 11 years, and have two kids! Happy 11 years!