Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Birthday week

We spent our first night in TX with some OC alumni friends. Isabella enjoyed her bath in their large kitchen sink. The next day I enjoyed browsing at Nordstrom Rack and Central Market and a delicious lunch with Krista while Michael worked.

Krista made this super cute diaper cover for Isabella to wear with her birthday dress.

The next night we stayed at a hotel in downtown FT Worth. Isabella loved checking out the city lights on her birthday eve.

On her birthday morning, watching us get her present.

Checking out her gift with daddy.

We got home the day after her birthday and I tried to get her monthly picture. She was quite uncooperative, and this was the best one. :)

The worlds smallest #1 pancake. Isabella got her enjoy her first pancake, and first family tradition of birthday pancakes.

Despite her skeptical look in this picture, she really loved it! The highlight of breakfast was when I was pouring the syrup and she opened her mouth and leaned forward like she just wanted me to pour it in! YUM!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fair people

The state fair is not for everyone. But there is a strong "fair" influence in my family so I just can't help the fact that I'm a "fair person"- don't judge. Not the fair person type that gets the season pass or rides the scary rides that are packed up into a truck, or eats the latest food craze. But I enjoy going with my family, seeing a few animals, and having my corn dog for the year.

My dad grew up going to the fair with his family and 4H, he even "showed" animals. (Whatever that means). I remember one story of his parents losing him at the fair and not being able to find him anywhere. I can't imagine how terrifying this would be. He was found later, in the pen with his pig, hugging its neck, very sadly. Apparently his pig had lost the "showing" which meant the pig's days would suddenly be cut short to serve other purposes than being a show pig. Farm life is tough people!

Anyway, last Tuesday was $3 day at the fair, so we took advantage of the cheap entry.

My dad showed Isabella the ropes. They checked out the goats,

the baby chicks, the dog show, and

the pig races.

I love my dad's smile- eye wrinkles in this picture.

Cheering on the pigs. Go pigs go!


Isabella was too busy talking on her ice cream cone cookie cutter phone to smile for this picture. Ah...a sign of the teen years to come!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy birthday Isabella!

I'm behind on updating some of our adventures from last week, Isabella's actual birth-day, and her one year post, but today I wanted to post about her birthday party. Everything turned out how I had envisioned (which is always nice when that actually happens), and we had a fun day. Her party was at my Mom's so we would have more space, and my mom graciously let me move all of her furniture around to set up.

The invitation.

The table for cake, cupcakes, ice cream sundaes, etc.

Isabella's smash cake.

I got these cake stands in pink, yellow, and purple a few years ago for Christmas/birthday. I dreamed of using them some day at my (unborn) little girl's party. Isabella, you are my dream come true.

We had to wake her up from her nap, but once she was awake she was in good spirits for the party.

She loved getting ice cream bites from her Nana.

And playing with this push cart.

Time for cake!

She started out very dainty with her cake. Picking at the polka dots.

But she dug into it after a while.

I love her sweet baby hands in this shot.

Daddy gave her a spoon and she dug in a little more.

My favorite crinkle-nose smile.

After cake she had a bath in the sink to get her hands and hair clean.

Then it was time to open presents.

She loved these plastic bracelets and I keep finding them all over the house as she is dragging them around with her everywhere.

We just invited family and a few friends, as our family alone is several people. I loved being surrounded by the people we love and who love us, who have supported us and cared for us during this first year as a family of three. I am so grateful to my brother who captured so many beautiful pictures of this special day. I asked my brother to take pictures and my brother in law to video the cake eating, so I could just enjoy and be present. My mom and sister worked very hard to help making cookies, decorating, cleaning, setting up, cleaning up...I couldn't have got everything done without their help. Isabella was given so many fun toys, books, clothes, and fun things we are stocked up for quite some time.
It was a blessed happy day.

Isabella, I love your curiosity.

I love your determination and sweet spirit.

Each day you are becoming a little less baby, and a little more toddler. I have loved our first year together, baby girl and delighted in watching you change, take in your world, and grow.
Happy Birthday Baby!
Love you,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

Still trying to wrap my mind around this:

Today we lingered over our breakfast, stayed in our pajamas a little later, got caught in the rain at the park,

and rocked a little longer...

I know I'm stressed when I get in bed and my mind is racing over my "to-do's". I seem to have over committed myself this week. It's what we Hartman's do from time to time. The problem is it is all things I want to do. I want to go to Dallas for a conference, I want to make meals for people who have had babies, I want to be planning my baby's first birthday party, I want to spend time with my family, I want to tend to my private practice, I want to be a good friend, I want to do our ladies class Beth Moore study, I want to be a good mother, wife, cook, runner, house keeper and on and on...I did a study earlier this year, about living a simple life. It was excellent and thought provoking. But at times I still struggle at managing my commitments in a "balanced" and simple way.

Two blogs I read have recently talked about this topic of balance and trying to do it all. Many people commented on this post saying they have this same struggle, are also looking for answers, would like everything to be perfect, or schedule things as best as they can and then realize you have to let some things go. And I loved this post about juggling all of the balls and trying to prioritize them. As women it is easy to compare ourselves to others and feel bad about what we don't or "can't" do. I appreciated the author's sentiment, that we are all just doing the best we can, and that looks different for everyone. I hope to encourage the women in my life in their "doing the best they can", rather than getting sucked in to the comparing game.

I've thought this week about parents I have worked with who have talked about how much they give their children (materially) and how their children continue to want more and the parent feels like "its never enough". Those conversations always follow with discussions on what children really want- parents that are present with them and give them their time and attention. I've tried to focus on this over the past week when I've felt stressed about getting things done and with the details of Isabella's party coming together- a party that she is not going to remember. I love to celebrate and love a good party, but let's be honest the party is more about celebrating her and for us, as at this age she won't remember it!

So we took things slower today. I want to "do it all", but it is not worth the sacrifice of my family or my sanity. (I will probably have to revisit this thought again and again). I will work hard this week on the to-do's after Isabella's asleep and during her nap times, and otherwise try to focus on being present in the precious moments with my family. I want to give myself the grace to do my best, and that be enough- rather than striving perfection. I will let go of somethings and say no to some, and also know that for each crazy week there is usually a slower one behind it.

I feel more at peace today and will hopefully keep these things in mind again when my juggling ball act seems to overpower what is really important in life.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fairtastic & Craftastic Friday

Isabella had her first trip to the state fair yesterday.

State Fair 2010.
She did come to the fair with us last year, but was not out and about to take in all of the sights and sounds. Look how pregnant I am!

It was a lovely, RAINY, cool day, but we got out to enjoy anyway.

She must have just seen a jumbo turkey leg, awesome mullet, or something else glorious you might see at the state fair.

Meeting the baby chicks.
She seemed to like watching them.

One of mommy's favorite. The Wisconsin cheese! (She enjoyed an avocado while Heather and I shared some fried cheese). Daddy was sad to miss the fair with us, but we will be back for a family trip!

I spent the afternoon and evening crafting for Isabella's birthday with the two Heathers in my life.

Birthday hat in progress

The lighting is horrible here, but you get the idea.

Again, horrible lighting, but this banner says "Isabella is 1". And we completed another banner. I'm trying to get everything put together for her party now, as we will be in Dallas for the three days prior to her party. YIKES!

We enjoyed a quiet morning at home this morning and a walk. Isabella wanted to take along the two purses she had been playing with.

So here she is, all ready for game day with her two purses.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I saw this picture on etsy and love the quote! It is easy to always be wanting something other than what we have. I love the concept of taking care of the things and relationships we already do have and enjoying them rather than wanting what others have or what we think "need".