Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fair people

The state fair is not for everyone. But there is a strong "fair" influence in my family so I just can't help the fact that I'm a "fair person"- don't judge. Not the fair person type that gets the season pass or rides the scary rides that are packed up into a truck, or eats the latest food craze. But I enjoy going with my family, seeing a few animals, and having my corn dog for the year.

My dad grew up going to the fair with his family and 4H, he even "showed" animals. (Whatever that means). I remember one story of his parents losing him at the fair and not being able to find him anywhere. I can't imagine how terrifying this would be. He was found later, in the pen with his pig, hugging its neck, very sadly. Apparently his pig had lost the "showing" which meant the pig's days would suddenly be cut short to serve other purposes than being a show pig. Farm life is tough people!

Anyway, last Tuesday was $3 day at the fair, so we took advantage of the cheap entry.

My dad showed Isabella the ropes. They checked out the goats,

the baby chicks, the dog show, and

the pig races.

I love my dad's smile- eye wrinkles in this picture.

Cheering on the pigs. Go pigs go!


Isabella was too busy talking on her ice cream cone cookie cutter phone to smile for this picture. Ah...a sign of the teen years to come!

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