Friday, September 09, 2011

Its Friday-friidaaay and Thankful Thursday (Rolled into one)

There are days and moments that being a parent is not easy. Like the day a couple of weeks ago I told a friend I was going to go INSANE if I didn't get some real sleep.

(Her crinkle-nose-smile this morning when we were playing)
Luckily, with the ebb and flow of things, sleep has returned. I know it will be gone another time again-but for now things are good. Even with difficult times, Isabella has brought so much joy to my life. I was missing her the other night after she went to bed. When she woke up crying in the morning for someone to get her out of bed, I went in, she stopped crying, and as clear as day she said "hi!" with a big smile on her face. So our new word is hi, and I've heard it a lot lately.

Lately I've been thankful for:
*Open windows and cool breezes in our home
*More time outside
*Watching the wonder on Isabella's face as she takes in the world at the park, grocery store, watching out our front windows...
*Family that's willing to keep Isabella
*New words

Isabella and I enjoyed a bagel, latte, and yogurt at panera this morning. She was the star of a table with some old men having coffee, smiling and babbling to them. Then we were off to go by the office, the bank, and later to SAM's, party galaxy, and target. She was a trooper for *most* of the errands. After a while she gets tired of being in the stroller and will attempt to stand up in it. At that point, I switched her to a sling and she was content to just be close to me. We've been preparing for Michael's 30th birthday bash tomorrow night and are looking forward to celebrating with friends.

Isabella got a birthday present in the mail today from my best friend in New Jersey. It is a super cute grocery set with milk, veggies, and fruit. She loved it! My favorite one is a banana with velcro you can peel and repeel.

I've been feeling nostalgic thinking about this time last year how I was in my final weeks of pregnancy and also in preparing for her upcoming first birthday. Every time I think how I can't believe my baby is almost one, I am reminded of how quickly time passes and the importance of being present in each moment with her and soaking it all in.

After Daddy got home tonight we loaded up and ran by the Patty Wagon to grab a burger and fries to share and headed to the lake. (Their burgers and fries are delicious, so check them out!)
It was wonderful to be together outside.

Have a great weekend!

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