Sunday, May 31, 2015

South Padre 2015

We left Friday morning for South Texas for our annual trip.

Isabella doing a little dancing at a pit stop for gas.

One highlight for her was stopping at Buc ee's to check everything out and pick a treat for the road. She chose that huge lollipop in her hand. We ate dinner at chickfila and got to our hotel in San Antonio. 
 Riding on the cart is soooo fun to them...

We checked in to our room and went swimming for a while before bed.

Benjamin was awake for almost THREE hours in the night. He was so crazy. And it was so frustrating. Then he was sleeping peacefully away when it was time for us to leave in the morning.

We drove on Saturday and made it to the beach house that afternoon.

 Beach time with cousins!

Our beach house had a wrap around porch with picnic tables on one side. The kids spent a lot of time out there.
Blue dip n dots tongue at schlitterbahn! 

My mom took us all there for the day for George's birthday.  There was a huge area for little ones, and then they had double tubes where the front part of the tube didn't have a hole in it so a little child could sit in the front. So the kids rode on several rides with us. Michael and Benjamin left after lunch time so Ben could take a nap and then they came back and joined us til closing time. It was a fun day!

At the turtle rescue center.

Butterfly wings from Aunt Flower.

Daily morning reading time with Mimi.

Benjamin worked intently with the dot markers several days. Serious business.

Love the milky way lattes at Yummies! 

He poured water and sand in and out of buckets the whole time.

And one day he played in uncle david's sand castle bucket for a long time!

At pirates landing

 Flying kites with Papa our last night at the beach.           Benjamin loved collecting seashells. 

Til next year beach! I'm grateful for the time my kids get with my parents and experiencing a church family in another part of the country that knows them and is excited to see them. And Isabella LOVED the cousin time! Thanks, Mom and Dad for taking us on this trip and making it possible to all be together!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Walking in Memphis

We went to Memphis for a weekend in May for Dad's graduation. Michael took off work Friday and we headed East. The kids traveled well. We met up with mom and dad for lunch in arkansas, and made it to Memphis in time for dinner at Corky's. I lost several photos from the trip, so here is what's left.
 Dinner at Corky's and having root beer for a "special drink". :) 

Getting his hood.                                                      Yay! Dr. Hartman! So proud of you dad!

After the graduation we went out to lunch and then Michael and Benjamin went back to the hotel for a nap. Isabella and Mom and I went to the Memphis Children's museum.  We had a lot of fun!

Isabella would have stayed for hours singing and watching herself on the screen.
We left there and went and picked up Benjamin and Michael and went downtown to the Peabody hotel to watch the ducks march. One of the ducks got left behind on the elevator and that caused quite a ruckus to catch it and wait for another elevator to come for it. Isabella found it all entertaining!

That night all our families got together for a cookout with all of the WHEGs families.

We all went to church together Sunday morning then back to OKC after lunch. 

It was a whirlwind trip, but I'm so glad we were able to go and celebrate Dad and his many years of work.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Easter 2015

 I finally have access to my photos after a couple months of storage and back up issues! So I have lots of old things to catch up on. We did our Resurrection eggs again this year to count down to Easter and talk about Jesus' journey to the cross. And dyed eggs, went to our friend's Easter party, made resurrection rolls, and the kids had several Easter egg hunts. Some of my pictures were lost when I lost my back up drive, but I have most of them from Easter.

Benjamin dying eggs with Nana.

 So many eggs!

 Egg hunting with Cappy

Sorting through all of the candy!

 Easter Morning

Egg hunting after church 

 We took some pictures after church and then headed to my parents house for lunch.

 Aunt Flower brought confetti eggs and the kids had a blast playing with those.

We had a wonderful Easter season and had way more candy that the kids could ever eat before Halloween comes!