Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Family Night

Things have been a bit hectic lately and it seems like we haven't had as much time lately with just the three of us hanging out together. Saturday night, after Michael had been on a trip and I had been away the night before at a retreat, we just stayed in together.
 Michael made one of his homemade pizzas.

 After dinner and bath time Michael brought our guest mattress in the living room for a movie night and camp out.

It was very comfortable for movie watching...but we decided we probably wouldn't try sleeping together in the living room again for a while. The excitement of something different and new made for a bit of a crazy and late bed time and we had a wild and not-so-fun Sunday following! We watched Dumbo, which I hadn't seen in decades (that makes me feel old to say) and had forgotten most of what happens. Isabella seemed to enjoy it and constantly asked questions throughout the movie. It was great just being home together.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Days

We had a pretty snow on Wednesday this week.

We were going outside to play, but Isabella said it was too cold. So we brought the snow inside.

She loved it and played in it for almost an hour, which is a record attention span in my toddler's book.

I helped her make some "frosty's" and she decorated them with chocolate chips, popcorn seeds, and tooth picks for arms.

She was quite pleased. 

Early Thursday morning we had ice, "thundersnow", and Michael's work opened a few hours late.
For breakfast we had our last batch of cinnamon rolls I had made and frozen.

Isabella and I replenished our bird feed outside and sprinkled some seeds on the ground.
Bird watching 

We stayed home all day, made bread, read books, did laundry, watched some PBS kids, played her favorite games, and stayed warm.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Park Fun

I don't know if I could ever capture the many expressions my child makes. A day with a toddler is full of so many expressions, crossing a huge range of emotion (at our house anyway). She has been saying the funniest things lately and I find myself surprised by things she comprehends and statements she makes. These days I'm praying for wisdom and patience of how to handle so many situations. I pray I can give her tools she needs and raise her well. The responsibility of it all can feel overwhelming at times. I love my girl...and all that she is teaching me about myself through this parenting journey. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Our valentine's celebrations were simple this year with being sick and Michael being out of town. I didn't get to all of the things I had planned to do, but we still did some things to celebrate. And we will just reschedule our date for another time soon.
Tuesday we made cookie sandwiches for Daddy to take to work, (and a few for us to keep).  I used my favorite Annie's Eats chocolate chip cookie recipe and an icing recipe from this month's Martha Stewart Living and then just colored the icing pink.

Wednesday Isabella worked on making her valentine cards for her grandparents. Her favorite parts were probably using the stickers and putting the cards in the mailbox at the post office. On one of her favorite shows, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, they make a letter for the dad and take it to the post office. She kept singing songs from that episode while we were doing them. "Making something, is one way to say...I love you." (These songs will be eternally stuck in my head.)

Michael had to leave Valentine's morning before we were up, but he left a card and treat behind. (And how awesome is that bedhead? Not so awesome to brush.)

Opening her gift from Mommy and Daddy

Finally her very own water wow book! She's been all about the one her friend has, she was pretty excited.

We stayed home resting until after nap time, and then we headed south to Dallas to see one of my best friends who was in town visiting. It was possibly not the wisest thing to do, since I wasn't really better, but I was so upset at the thought of canceling the trip. Isabella did great on the ride down. We had a  take out Valentine's dinner from Pappadeaux, complete with a delicious shrimp fondue, and stayed up way too late talking into the morning.
Valentine's day is really just another day, but I love holidays and we like any excuse to celebrate. So there it is...Valentine's Day the books!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

February Snow

I took Isabella to the doctor Tuesday morning, as she was not getting much better after a week, and it was pouring down rain. When we came outside afterwards, the most beautiful snow was falling. Huge snowflakes coming down.
Unfortunately we both felt too sick to go outside to play, and I never got up to get my real camera to take some pictures while it was coming down. We had our Valentine's date planned for that night as Michael was going out of town Valentine's day, but I decided we needed to cancel our reservation because I was not up to it. I was super disappointed.

I asked Michael if he would go out after Isabella went to bed and make a snowman for her, since we hadn't got to play, and it was all going to melt pretty fast the next day. He set to work, and made the best snowman! 

In the morning, I told Isabella there was a surprise for her outside and she needed to get her coat on. Frosty the Snowman became one of her favorites over the holidays so I knew she would like it.

We came outside and she said, "Wow!" "It's a beautiful snowman!"
He came complete with a bowtie and everything!

It was freezing so we headed back in pretty quickly, but she checked on him out the window throughout the day.

Frosty's demise over the next few days...

She keeps asking me if Daddy will make her a new one. The fact that there is no more snow, does not seem to matter.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

sick days

Isabella didn't feel well several days last week. So we spent a few days at home in pajamas playing, laying around on the couch, watching more TV than usual, making blanket forts, crying (not me), having extra popsicles (not me), and resting.

She felt better one day and we had breakfast from the oatmeal bar at whole foods.

She would act fine most of the time, but be lethargic and not herself other times. She only ran a fever for about a day at a half, but has been coughing, congested, and not sleeping well off and on. I think she's starting to feel better, and now I've started coughing some. Michael travels this week and we are going to visit friends while he's gone, and single parenting is better when everyone feels well! Hopefully it all passes soon!

Thursday, February 07, 2013


After breakfast we played for a long while. Then I packed a picnic and we headed to the zoo.

 We both wore t-shirts and were warm. It was gorgeous.

 The bears were more active than I have ever seen them, and both went swimming.

Baby's turn to swing

We had a great time together. I have all of these feelings about how things will be changing in the coming months. Changes that we want and are excited about, but things will be different.  I was reflecting on all of these things, soaking her up as my only child...and she has no idea. In a few months our zoo trips, well our trips anywhere- will be quite different.

Sharing an ICEE. 
I've been following her lead for a few weeks and we've been easing into potty training. She stayed dry in diapers and underwear this weekend while we were away from home and used public toilets several times. We've been doing underwear at home and diapers out most all the time. I decided we would go to the zoo in undies, and she did great.

I watch her sometimes and can't believe how big my girl is.

When we got home, she fell asleep right after reading books before I could get her in bed. And I rocked and stared at her with her pacifier (that we have yet to take away) and she still felt like my baby.

Monday, February 04, 2013

One of the many highlights to her when staying in a hotel is riding on the cart. 
We went to Dallas last Friday to be there for the weekend for a work event Michael had. He has a few trips this month and this was one we could tag along.

We went swimming in the morning and she was quite the brave little fish.

Isabella and I went to the work event Saturday night for a little while before leaving to swim a bit more before bed. She was quite the social one at the party showing people around the house and taking them to see the fish pond or the pool out back. Then back at the pool that night she told all the kids there that her daddy had was at the party working. (No, he's not a DJ). 

Hello 3rd trimester                                                     A fruit loop snack for the road
The hotel had a bridge with two areas that had swans swimming in them. They were fun to watch over the weekend. Isabella was a great traveler and we had several fun and sweet moments which I really cherished after some trying times this last week.
We headed home Sunday and had our traditional Superbowl gathering with Michael's family. I couldn't really tell you anything about the game or the commercials, but the food was out-of-control good as usual.

February feels very busy between travel, events, and things I need to accomplish in the coming weeks, but it will be a fun month too.  I had my glucose test last week and it was horrible. I almost blacked out waiting to get my blood drawn, so I'm hoping that turned out well because I did not feel that way last time. My Midwife appointments are every two weeks now that I'm in my 3rd trimester, and its hard to believe our sweet baby will be joining us so soon!