Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Family Night

Things have been a bit hectic lately and it seems like we haven't had as much time lately with just the three of us hanging out together. Saturday night, after Michael had been on a trip and I had been away the night before at a retreat, we just stayed in together.
 Michael made one of his homemade pizzas.

 After dinner and bath time Michael brought our guest mattress in the living room for a movie night and camp out.

It was very comfortable for movie watching...but we decided we probably wouldn't try sleeping together in the living room again for a while. The excitement of something different and new made for a bit of a crazy and late bed time and we had a wild and not-so-fun Sunday following! We watched Dumbo, which I hadn't seen in decades (that makes me feel old to say) and had forgotten most of what happens. Isabella seemed to enjoy it and constantly asked questions throughout the movie. It was great just being home together.

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