Monday, February 04, 2013

One of the many highlights to her when staying in a hotel is riding on the cart. 
We went to Dallas last Friday to be there for the weekend for a work event Michael had. He has a few trips this month and this was one we could tag along.

We went swimming in the morning and she was quite the brave little fish.

Isabella and I went to the work event Saturday night for a little while before leaving to swim a bit more before bed. She was quite the social one at the party showing people around the house and taking them to see the fish pond or the pool out back. Then back at the pool that night she told all the kids there that her daddy had was at the party working. (No, he's not a DJ). 

Hello 3rd trimester                                                     A fruit loop snack for the road
The hotel had a bridge with two areas that had swans swimming in them. They were fun to watch over the weekend. Isabella was a great traveler and we had several fun and sweet moments which I really cherished after some trying times this last week.
We headed home Sunday and had our traditional Superbowl gathering with Michael's family. I couldn't really tell you anything about the game or the commercials, but the food was out-of-control good as usual.

February feels very busy between travel, events, and things I need to accomplish in the coming weeks, but it will be a fun month too.  I had my glucose test last week and it was horrible. I almost blacked out waiting to get my blood drawn, so I'm hoping that turned out well because I did not feel that way last time. My Midwife appointments are every two weeks now that I'm in my 3rd trimester, and its hard to believe our sweet baby will be joining us so soon!

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