Thursday, February 14, 2013

February Snow

I took Isabella to the doctor Tuesday morning, as she was not getting much better after a week, and it was pouring down rain. When we came outside afterwards, the most beautiful snow was falling. Huge snowflakes coming down.
Unfortunately we both felt too sick to go outside to play, and I never got up to get my real camera to take some pictures while it was coming down. We had our Valentine's date planned for that night as Michael was going out of town Valentine's day, but I decided we needed to cancel our reservation because I was not up to it. I was super disappointed.

I asked Michael if he would go out after Isabella went to bed and make a snowman for her, since we hadn't got to play, and it was all going to melt pretty fast the next day. He set to work, and made the best snowman! 

In the morning, I told Isabella there was a surprise for her outside and she needed to get her coat on. Frosty the Snowman became one of her favorites over the holidays so I knew she would like it.

We came outside and she said, "Wow!" "It's a beautiful snowman!"
He came complete with a bowtie and everything!

It was freezing so we headed back in pretty quickly, but she checked on him out the window throughout the day.

Frosty's demise over the next few days...

She keeps asking me if Daddy will make her a new one. The fact that there is no more snow, does not seem to matter.

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