Thursday, February 07, 2013


After breakfast we played for a long while. Then I packed a picnic and we headed to the zoo.

 We both wore t-shirts and were warm. It was gorgeous.

 The bears were more active than I have ever seen them, and both went swimming.

Baby's turn to swing

We had a great time together. I have all of these feelings about how things will be changing in the coming months. Changes that we want and are excited about, but things will be different.  I was reflecting on all of these things, soaking her up as my only child...and she has no idea. In a few months our zoo trips, well our trips anywhere- will be quite different.

Sharing an ICEE. 
I've been following her lead for a few weeks and we've been easing into potty training. She stayed dry in diapers and underwear this weekend while we were away from home and used public toilets several times. We've been doing underwear at home and diapers out most all the time. I decided we would go to the zoo in undies, and she did great.

I watch her sometimes and can't believe how big my girl is.

When we got home, she fell asleep right after reading books before I could get her in bed. And I rocked and stared at her with her pacifier (that we have yet to take away) and she still felt like my baby.

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