Sunday, February 10, 2013

sick days

Isabella didn't feel well several days last week. So we spent a few days at home in pajamas playing, laying around on the couch, watching more TV than usual, making blanket forts, crying (not me), having extra popsicles (not me), and resting.

She felt better one day and we had breakfast from the oatmeal bar at whole foods.

She would act fine most of the time, but be lethargic and not herself other times. She only ran a fever for about a day at a half, but has been coughing, congested, and not sleeping well off and on. I think she's starting to feel better, and now I've started coughing some. Michael travels this week and we are going to visit friends while he's gone, and single parenting is better when everyone feels well! Hopefully it all passes soon!

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