Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Days

We had a pretty snow on Wednesday this week.

We were going outside to play, but Isabella said it was too cold. So we brought the snow inside.

She loved it and played in it for almost an hour, which is a record attention span in my toddler's book.

I helped her make some "frosty's" and she decorated them with chocolate chips, popcorn seeds, and tooth picks for arms.

She was quite pleased. 

Early Thursday morning we had ice, "thundersnow", and Michael's work opened a few hours late.
For breakfast we had our last batch of cinnamon rolls I had made and frozen.

Isabella and I replenished our bird feed outside and sprinkled some seeds on the ground.
Bird watching 

We stayed home all day, made bread, read books, did laundry, watched some PBS kids, played her favorite games, and stayed warm.

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