Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Our valentine's celebrations were simple this year with being sick and Michael being out of town. I didn't get to all of the things I had planned to do, but we still did some things to celebrate. And we will just reschedule our date for another time soon.
Tuesday we made cookie sandwiches for Daddy to take to work, (and a few for us to keep).  I used my favorite Annie's Eats chocolate chip cookie recipe and an icing recipe from this month's Martha Stewart Living and then just colored the icing pink.

Wednesday Isabella worked on making her valentine cards for her grandparents. Her favorite parts were probably using the stickers and putting the cards in the mailbox at the post office. On one of her favorite shows, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, they make a letter for the dad and take it to the post office. She kept singing songs from that episode while we were doing them. "Making something, is one way to say...I love you." (These songs will be eternally stuck in my head.)

Michael had to leave Valentine's morning before we were up, but he left a card and treat behind. (And how awesome is that bedhead? Not so awesome to brush.)

Opening her gift from Mommy and Daddy

Finally her very own water wow book! She's been all about the one her friend has, she was pretty excited.

We stayed home resting until after nap time, and then we headed south to Dallas to see one of my best friends who was in town visiting. It was possibly not the wisest thing to do, since I wasn't really better, but I was so upset at the thought of canceling the trip. Isabella did great on the ride down. We had a  take out Valentine's dinner from Pappadeaux, complete with a delicious shrimp fondue, and stayed up way too late talking into the morning.
Valentine's day is really just another day, but I love holidays and we like any excuse to celebrate. So there it is...Valentine's Day the books!

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