Tuesday, January 22, 2013


We had some nice weather this weekend for January, and enjoyed spending some time outside.
Friday morning Michael left for a work trip for the weekend and we headed out to the zoo.  It had been several weeks since it had been nice enough to go.

Nana was off work, so she was able to join us. Michael's parents have gotten a zoo pass for us the last few years, and it is the best gift ever!

Saturday  morning we went out for breakfast just the two of us. It was such a nice breakfast date, and I sat across from my little girl, watching her and feeling so grateful and happy to have this moment with her, just the two of us.
And then when it was time to go she threw herself down ON THE FLOOR of panera bread crying and saying she wanted to keep wiping the table with her wet wipe and I carried her out of a completely full restaurant, screaming. But I'm going to choose to remember from that morning the moment when I felt like my heart was so full and grateful. ;)
We stayed at home the rest of the day, as Isabella wasn't feeling too great.  We walked to the park in our neighborhood and played and had a picnic since it was close to 70! 

Exploring a berry bush. 

We were both very happy to see Michael when he got home and glad he had Monday off work!

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