Saturday, January 19, 2013


Its been a few weeks, but we have been adjusting to the holidays ending, Michael leaving on a trip, and I haven't been taking a lot of pictures.
We had lunch at a tea room with friends a couple of weeks ago for my birthday.  And it was much like life has been these last few weeks. Fun moments sprinkled with a little disaster.

The girls somehow pushed a chair over and Ava was pinned underneath it, which was of course scary for Ava, but for both of them also.  We found ourselves in a quiet tea room with two toddlers screaming their heads off.

I locked us out of the house during Michael's last trip. A lock smith got us in a little after 10, past Isabella's bedtime and a massive meltdown ensued when I tried to get her to sleep.
The next day a bird flew in our house...luckily my mom was there and was able to shoo it out of the house, while I was behind a closed door with my child screaming and crying in fear.

I took lessons for 12 years... I hope she will take them too.

New diaper for baby after a bath 

Dr. Isabella

Catching bubbles at the library.

She wanted to jump on the trampoline one day this week. After about 15 minutes, I decided the trampoline at 26 pregnant was not very comfortable. I told Isabella she'd have to wait to jump more when daddy got home.

Life is full of mundane, magical, and not so great moments all woven together.  And sometimes the balance of those seems off one way or the other, or maybe its just my perspective during those times. I'm already not sleeping very well in this pregnancy and wondering how I will make it through another 14 weeks. But also grateful for the time in between to prepare and enjoy these last weeks as a family of three.


  1. You're such a great photographer Annaleise. You will get to remember those magical and mundane moments for years. :)

    1. Thanks so much Amy! That really means a lot to me. ;)