Monday, September 05, 2011

For many years my family has gone to the arts festival at OCCC labor day weekend. One evening the OKC philharmonic plays followed by fireworks. Typically it was on Saturday night, so after marrying Michael we missed some years depending on what time the OU game was. But the last two years it was moved to Sunday night. Last year I went with my mom and sister, when I was very pregnant.

We decided to go this year to cap off Michael's birthday night.

It was a little chilly in the shade, so Iz spent some time in Daddy's sweatshirt while we waited on our curly fries and shrimp basket.

Waiting for the music and playing with Mimi's phone.

I love her nose-crinkle-smiles.

Isabella had a wardrobe change into her jammies.

We didn't stay for the whole thing and missed the fireworks, but I'm glad we ending up going. I loved having Isabella there with us and getting to share that time with her. The philharmonic was great and they had a guest singer who had sang on Broadway in Phantom, as the phantom. I love that musical and he was excellent!

Isabella got to stay up extra late as special treat for Daddy's birthday. She apparently did not realize this was a special treat, was exhausted, and screamed most of the way home. We tried music, playing, singing, to get her to stop crying. The one song that she stopped crying for was 'Happy Birthday'. Too bad it is such a short song. I bet we sang happy birthday 40 times! :) Ah, the cost of making memories!

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