Tuesday, August 05, 2014

June 16-30th

 June 16th: Early walking days- pushing everything around- taking the trash can from the kitchen to the living room.

 June 17th: Swim lessons

 June 18th: Pool day at Regional pool

 June 19th: He loves his baths!

 June 20th: Treat from braums

 June 21st: Cooking class at Sur la table

 June 23rd: Cooking up something in his pot.

June 24th: Book club dessert at Park House.

June 25th: Real life.

 Zoo with friends in the day. Baby Rupert at 5 days old.

June 26th: Cupcake class that evening. So fun!

June 27th: Park time

June 28th: 14 month pics a few days late.

June 29th: After the parade at the Star Spangled Fried Chicken Dinner at church.

June 30th: Skinny chocolate cherry muffins for the win!

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  1. Good pic on the swim lessons, looks very official there, like they are actually learning something. (Ha!)